A Big Event

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Re: A Big Event

Post by Izzifix on Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:03 pm

Amaryl wrote:
satisfying yourself with everyone that does participate

Oh my  What a Face 

Good post though. Initiative is the whole battle, basicly.


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Re: A Big Event

Post by Officer High Morale on Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:34 am

Ixirar/Kavalis wrote:From the way you present it, it sounds like you're looking to arrange for the entirety of Stormwind to revolve around your character for a few days.

Unless I'm mistaken on that, wouldn't it be better to arrange a smaller event for your guild or so? Leaves you more room to really focus on your char, rather than having to be an organiser rather than an RPer (people who organise events the scale of "Stormwind-wide" usually need to spend more time dealing with the OOC side of things than they get to spend time actually RPing)

Indeed, I did think of it being more simple having just my or another guild in the event, one that actually has been in the plot before.

Rightie, thanks for the answers and good lucks! I'll be contacting a few guild leaders on whether they wanted to take part in a -smaller- event, I suppose I shall mark this thread as closed.

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