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Hello there!

I am new to the server, and I am new to roleplaying. I'm familiar with the concept, but I don't have much experience with it. Though I would love to train my imagination a bit and learn from you people (you all seem nice!). I am 20 years old, male, and live in Norway. I work at a lumber supply and as a carpenter.

I am a huge fan of Warcraft 3, and those of you who are very, very familiar with that game might get a hint of nostalgia when reading the description. If there is something wrong with it, please let me know, as this is my first attempt at something like this.

Name: Haomarush (No relation to the Blademaster that passed in Alterac.)
Race: Orc
Class: Warrior
Prof: Mercenary

Haomarush was born and raised in the confinement of the Blackrock Spire. He grew up as a Blackrock warrior, loyal to the cause, much like his mother and father. He was named after another Blackrock warrior, one of the first Blademasters to face Arthas after his corruption. Haomarush, Blademaster and Scout of the Blackrock Clan, who fell in the Alterac mountains whilst guarding a Demon gate.

The Blackrock Clan attracted more and more attention in the aftermath of the third war, their lair in the spire was devestated and left in ruin by explorers and mercenaries, despite having Rend Blackhand to lead them. However, Haomarush was one of the few in the clan that survived. For years he was lost on the road, an orc for hire, slaughtering alliance and beast alike as long as the pay was good. When the Blackrock Clan was slowly rebuilt, and joined forces with Deathwing, Haomarush did not return to his old home. Instead, he had found a new one, far away. In Orgrimmar, the main city of the orcs, where he pledged to fight for the Horde and it's Warchief.


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