Tanya Rein

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Tanya Rein

Post by Lelara on Tue Mar 18, 2014 11:36 am

Character name: Tanya Rein
Alias: None
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Race: Worgen (Gilnean)
Class: Warrior/Berserker

Birth region: Gilneas
Specific area/town: Stormglen
Family: Father: Jonathan Rein (Deceased), Mother: Mary Rein (Deceased), Eldest Brother: Jonathan Rein Jr. (Missing, presumed dead) Second Brother: Maxwell Rein (Deceased), Third Brother: Alexander Rein (Deceased)    
Known friends: Albert Crownwell, Howl Duskmane, Keag Strongbrew, Hugir Strongbrew (Deceased), "Dead Eye" Salara
Known enemies: The Horde (the Forsaken in particular)

Description: Human form: Tanya is quite short standing at just 5ft 4''. She has midnight black hair and a pale complexion. Her face is relatively pretty but is marred by a single ugly scar running across her left cheek from just above her mouth to the back of her jaw. She is also very muscular, more so than many men, to the point we she could be considered chiselled instead of just toned.
Worgen form: Her shortness persists in her Worgen form, though it becomes relative to others of her kind, standing at 6ft 4''. Her black mane gives way to dark gray fur over most of her body, the fur on her face and belly however is a much lighter shade almost appearing silver. Her scar persists too, running right along the length the left side of her snout. Along with her increase in hight comes an increase in muscle mass, making her an intimidating woman even when out of armour.  
Personality: Tanya, despite her appearance, is actually quite friendly and polite to most people though puts on a tough girl act. When among friends she shows she has a sense of humour and an affectionate side (the latter she prefers to keep buried though). She is however easy to offend and anger. When angry she very quickly turns violent and may harm anyone too close. She is also very ignorant of most cultures and could even be considered racist towards the non-human members of the Alliance.
History: Tanya is the youngest of the Rein children and the only girl. She grew up alongside her three brothers in Stormglen with a firm but loving Father and doting Mother. The influence of her three brothers made her a bit of a wild child, often getting into trouble and picking fights. In an attempt to combat her more wild behaviour she was forced into helping her Father, the local Blacksmith, around his forge. The extra time spent with her Father proved positive, picking up many of his traits including; his sense of responsibility to their family, patriotism and love of crafting. Much of her work with her Father is responsible for her current physique.

By the time she was sixteen her brothers had married three young women from the North of the country. Her patriotism lead her to enlist in the army when she was eighteen, by this time the Greymane wall had been erected and sealed and the Northgate rebellion had begun to gain some momentum. She was present for a number of small skirmishes before Lord Crowley was captured. A few days after Crowleys capture and the "offical" end of the rebellion her patrol was attacked by a group of rebel troops that had evaded capture. All but her in her squad were killed and she was forced to slay the younger two of her brothers while the eldest escaped badly wounded (all three having joined the Rebellion because they had been cut off from their wives when the wall was sealed). She was promoted to Sergeant for her "heroism" in the battle, but slaying her brothers had a profound effect on her mind making her to dangerous to put out in the field. Instead she was given the position of Master at Arms for the Garrison near her home town, time and the more soothing work of making and maintaining weapons and armour eventually healed her emotional scars.

Once her five year term of service was up she left the Military, returning home days before the Worgen curse reached the town. During the Worgen attacks she was bitten, turning in her own home the beast she had become tore her parents to shreds. Eventually she was found by the Night Elves in the Blackwald and put through the ritual to regain her mind. From there she fought along side her countrymen, cursed and un-cursed alike, in the assualt on Gilneas City and eventually fled with the others to Darnassus. From there she wandered the world for a few years working as a Mercenary before finally joining the Alliance Task Force: Wild Tempest.  
Things you may know about this character: Is currently a Private in Task Force: Wild Tempest, as a Mercenary fought in the Siege of Ogrimmar
Things you may not know about this character: Has been sighted in the Underforge a few times buying unusual items on behalf of a mysterious "Employer"
Possible crime record: None

Other information: None

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