Chaadara Eveninggrave

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Chaadara Eveninggrave

Post by Ireldis on Tue Mar 18, 2014 9:20 am

Character name:
Chaadara Eveninggrave

Casadra Eveninggrace (her old name)


Her age is impossible to determine from her looks; all one that looks at her will see, is that she died and came back. Technically, though, she's still young, but closer to middle aged.


death knight

Birth region:

Specific area/town:
old Silvermoon

She and her twin sister ceased contact with their family long ago, on the demand of their parents. Later, when the scourge overrun Silvermoon, the whole Eveninggrace family was wiped out.

Known friends or enemies:

Much of her skin is darkened as if gangrened. A large piece of skin on the right side of her face is kept in place by small metal pins and carefully sewn stitches.
Around her lips and eyes, the dried and withered skin stretches awkwardly. Her lips are painted in a dark color in an attempt to conceal the decay.
Thick, dark eyelashes still surround her now hollow icy gaze. That, and her long blonde hair, hanging down over the damaged side of her face, allow her to retain some small trace of her former elven beauty.
Around her neck is a necklace with a golden locket, that she always wears visible outside her armor.

She usually stays quiet; even if someone would speak to her, that person will most likely be completely ignored, unless she sees a reason to answer. Which most likely she will not, unless it's about someone who needs to be killed or otherwise "taken care of".

She was born into the once prestigious Eveninggrace family.
It was her parents' wish that she'd marry a man from a family they had finally made peace with, after a feud that had lasted two generations. But Casadra; careless and spoilt, loving her easy and fun life of casual combat training with her sister in the days, and dancing and singing at the inns with the bards in the evenings; did not much care for the responsibilities of marriage and family. In defiance, she bedded another man, and let everyone find out about it.
She didn't expect she would have his child, though. The parents were outraged, feeling she had dishonored the family name by her thoughtless actions. Ultimately, they renounced her.
She was allowed to stay in the family residence only until the child was born and old enough to no longer need its mother's milk to survive. After that, they would either both be forced out on the streets, or, the child could stay if Casadra agreed to join the rangers, ceasing all contact with the family.
Denied all of her parents' assets, she was left with no other choice than to give up her daughter. Her twin sister chose to follow her. Despite her sister's reassurances that they would raise gold and then go find her daughter and get her back, Casadra despaired. It only got worse, until she tried to drown herself one night. After this, she was kept tied up so she wouldn't be able to hurt herself. Later, she suspected it had been her sister's doing; she doubted the officers would have let her stay had Esadra not pleaded to them. Slowly her grief turned to anger, to be followed by determination, and she was able to continue.  
Patrolling the borders of Quel'Thalas, and later far beyond them, they saw much of the northern part of the continent. Still, although they had grown to like their lives in the military by now, they continued to discuss their return home.
But their superiors, not too fond of their talk of leaving, kept sending them on mission after mission, to prolong their stay, and so it went on for many, many years. Full-size wars, as well as minor conflicts and uprisings, came and went.
One day, at the beginning of the scourge's invasion, Casadra was ordered to accompany a small scouting party. No one ever came back. Casadra was killed along with the rest of the group, and raised in undeath to either perish or serve in the Lich King's vast, mindless army.

Things you may know about this character:
Since she became a death knight she calls herself Chaadara Eveninggrave.

Things you may not know about this character:
Because she hates being controlled by anything or anyone, she has worked with overcoming her hunger to kill and has become rather indifferent to killing; not hesitating to do it, but not taking any particular pleasure in it either.
Many death knights regained much of their old memories when they were freed from the Lich King's control, but she was one of those who didn't. She still remembers almost nothing of her life as a living; the only reason she even knows what she used to be called is because of her golden locket with her name engraved on it.

Possible crime record:

Other information:

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