Esadra Eveninggrace

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Esadra Eveninggrace

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Character name:
Esadra Eveninggrace



still young, but closer to middle aged

born highelf, now sin'dorei

warrior, uses the Light in addition to her weapons

Birth region:

Specific area/town:
old Silvermoon

She and her twin sister ceased contact with their family on the demand of their parents. Later, when the scourge overrun Silvermoon, the whole Eveninggrace family was wiped out.

Known friends or enemies:

Many years of life in the military has made her body very athletic. Her hair is always kept tied for convenience, but she seems to have a preference for flashy armor and outfits made from expensive, shiny materials. She always keeps a sword with her, but she must have some trouble holding it with only three fingers remaining on her right hand.

Perhaps a little introvert. But if someone starts to argue with her, she's not afraid to speak her mind and can anger quite quickly if provoked. Then, she has a tendency to become harsh and violent. At the same time, she believes strongly in law and order, and that sometimes tough decisions must be made in order to uphold them.  

She was born into the prestigious Eveninggrace family and enjoyed an easy and carefree life in her youth, always kind of in the shadow of her twin sister, who was more outgoing, rebellious and spontaneous than the more down to earth Esadra.
When her sister had a bastard daughter; with a man she didn't even know before that one night; out of an impulse to defy their parents; Esadra was disgusted by her sister's behavior like the rest of the family. Unlike them, though, she stood up to defend her sister against their finger pointing, and did everything she could to try to make them change their minds about rejecting Casadra. She hoped that once their parents laid eyes on their grandchild, their hearts would melt. But in the end her sister was given an ultimatum; she could either take her child and leave, or leave the child in their care and go to join the rangers. Esadra couldn't believe the family's cruelty; and her heart was crushed seeing her sister in tears, desperately pleading, as she was separated from her baby daughter; and the cries of the child, too young to understand what was happening. That day she cursed her parents and chose to forsake all comforts of her privileged life.    
She did her best to comfort her sister, but she feared she was on the verge of crumbling. Her fears proved to be justified the night Casadra tried to drown herself. At this point, Esadra felt like she had no choice, and pleaded to the officers that they would keep her twin tied up so she couldn't hurt herself. They wanted to simply send her away, but she managed to convince them to at least try her way first. In the beginning it was heartbreakingly hard to ignore the screams of agony. Then slowly it started to anger Esadra, as she wondered why her sister couldn't just snap out of it.
When enough time had passed, however, Casadra became more or less herself again; although more mature and with a hardened resolve, much to Esadra's delight.
Patrolling the borders of Quel'Thalas, and later far beyond them, they saw much of the northern part of the continent. Still, although they had grown to like their lives in the military by now, they continued to discuss their return home.
But their superiors, not too fond of their talk of leaving, kept sending them on mission after mission, to prolong their stay, and so it went on for many, many years. Full-size wars, as well as minor conflicts and uprisings, came and went.
One day, at the beginning of the scourge's invasion, Casadra was ordered to accompany a small scouting party. Esadra, who even from the very beginning had risen in rank faster than her sister, regarded it as a good opportunity for Casadra and saw her off without worry, fully confident she would return unharmed.  
But they never came back. Esadra insisted on bringing a party of her own to go out and look for them. The ground was covered in blood a small distance from the location Casadra and her party had been heading for, so Esadra knew beyond a doubt that they had been attacked. But their bodies were nowhere to be found.
Esadra was devastated, and, having a hard time coping with her loss, she became prone to violence. If anyone disobeyed her orders, she made sure they were punished severely. If she needed information out of someone, she made sure she got it. With whatever necessary methods. Whether it was an enemy or an ally.
When a group of newly arrived soldiers once tried to desert and she found out about it, she tracked them down and killed them in cold blood. She was demoted, her reputation plummeted, which made her even more angry, causing more rash behavior, until she was ultimately fired.  

Things you may know about this character:
Some time ago, she was fired from her position in the Argent Crusade, having been stationed in the Plaguelands since the fall of the Lich King.

Things you may not know about this character:

Possible crime record:

Other information:

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