Lyriessa Enndemriel

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Lyriessa Enndemriel

Post by Ireldis on Tue Mar 18, 2014 9:12 am

Character name:
Lyriessa Enndemriel



young, but much older than just past adolescent

born highelf, now she's indifferent and calls herself whatever would fit the situation

arcanist, alchemist / necromancer

Birth region:

Specific area/town:

in Dalaran, but she hasn't seen any of them since Dalaran was relocated

Known friends or enemies:

Nothing about her is extraordinary beautiful or eye-catching. Her body is extremely thin and bony. Her copper-blonde hair is gathered into a tail on top of her head and left to hang down all the way to her waist. Her clothes are neat, but plain and simple and rather dull.
To most people, she would seem very ordinary. Unless you have extremely keen senses and can sense something off; then you might notice the shimmering chill that surrounds her like a faint aura.

(left blank on purpose for now, to be filled in later)  

She grew up in Dalaran in a family of arcanists. As she delved ever deeper into the theories, uses, and ways of the arcane, they seemed more and more endless and infinite to her. The only restrictions on what could be accomplished, were set by the users themselves, it seemed.
At the same time, she became painfully aware of her own limits. Even if she could somehow accomplish something that would be remembered; create a theory or present a successful and revolutionary experiment, it would all inevitably end in nothingness.
Except, if she could achieve endless existence. Eternal life. If death could be defeated, then all things would be possible and all potential infinite.
To her, the thought became more and more an obsession and the only goal she deemed worthy of working for. Whatever price required, there was no cost that could be too high.
Her studies of the arts of necromancy eventually led her to support the scourge. After the Lich King was defeated, while continuing to hope the scourge will rise again, she's been looking for alternative ways.

Things you may know about this character:
You might notice you haven't seen her around before, since she only recently came to Silvermoon. She seems to have some knowledge of alchemy and the arcane, and is trying to get by in her trade like any ordinary citizen.

Things you may not know about this character:
She used to associate with the Cult of the Damned, although she was just one of the masses and never even had time to achieve full membership before the Lich King's fall. Back then she used the name "Remedea", a name she has still not abandoned.

Possible crime record:

Other information:

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