Delinith Vermondil

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Delinith Vermondil

Post by Delinith on Sun Mar 16, 2014 11:25 am

Character name: Delinith Zailyn Chastity Vermondil
Alias: Stumpy, Handy, Deli
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Race: Human
Class: Leeching criminal

Birth region: The Cape of Stranglethorn
Specific area/town: Booty Bay
Family: Husband; Cornley Vermondil, brother; Calarn Thermondil (dead as a doornail)
Known friends: Kaleb Shakur, Ray Hutch, Damien Kraldar
Known enemies: Too flamboyant to have enemies, distractions if anything.

Description: Tameless, wavy hair is the color of raven wings, and like a waterfall; it cascades freely down to her middle-back whilst the curls in front take place just above her full breasts. With a blood-red bandanna, the hair remains swept-back, with few saucy curls often falling down.

The thinly plucked eyebrows are shaped into a deceivingly perfect arch where the inner brow slants sharply downwards to create mischievous look. Russet brown eyes hold deep and lustrous darkness, like the setting sun’s reflection in deep layer of the Great Sea. Miniscule muscles around the eyes remain rigid, making the eyes look hardened with constantly hostile expression.

As her maroon-painted, plump, lips are parted with the usual lingering smile, two rows of manually sharpened, pointy teeth are revealed; ones peculiarly similar to piranha’s.

Map of scars scattered across her dark olive skin, over-softened by the heavy exposure to salty water. For long time her left hand seems to have been cut off, roughly amputated by the wrist so all that is left is a carpal bone, sheering under the thin layer of fairly damaged skin. Along all the other marks that are laced with pain by the vivid past, her only hand is decorated with a skillfully made tattoo of a dagger with snake intertwined around it snugly.

A single tattoo of jet-black, malevolence raven shows on the left side of her swan-likely graceful neck, nearly always hidden beneath the hair. As opposed to the slender neck, her frame is highly trimmed with visible muscles showing here and there, yet maintaining the fully developed feminine figure. Endowed with an abundant chest and wide hips, combined with a derriere which nearly screams to be smacked; all which she carries with an air of confidence.

The voluptuous frame tightly encased into black leather clothing, worn-out and faded by the beating ferocity of Tanaris sun. A black leather-strap with holster attached to belt and right thigh, on it sits a well-crafted double-barreled flintlock with cursive engraving, ‘C.T.’ on the top barrel.

Personality: Fickle.

History: CBA.
Things you may know about this character: Cannibal, lost her gun-hand to a Necromancer Crazespawn 4 years ago.

Things you may not know about this character: You can probably know everything.

Possible crime record: Exists.
Crimes listed:
Assault, armed assault, holding hostage(s), kidnap, murder, kill, torture, use of forbidden magic, breaking and entering, thievery, imposing as a law-enforcer, imposing as a holy priestess, desecrating of Holy grounds, grave robbery, harassing the law-enforcers on duty, (cannibalism)

Other information: Living an arguably peaceful life with her husband while raising her firstborn son; Calarn.

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Re: Delinith Vermondil

Post by Bradley on Wed May 14, 2014 12:09 pm

Also legend.

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