[IC] The death of the Silverlights.

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[IC] The death of the Silverlights.

Post by Littlepip on Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:03 pm

"Shadow magic, the power that has been misunderstood and fought against for ages. As long as mankind has existed they have fought vigorously against the cold darkness that eventually always wins. For it is not evil they fight against, it is the mind and age itself. Darkness is not something you can kill, it is not something you can defeat, for eventually it wins, for shadow is patient and it requires only time."
Ariel stands in front of the tomb of the Silverlight, her face is directed towards fifty men and a a few other races, both from the Horde and the Alliance. Once upon a time, these fifty men had served Thorvald in battle against all kinds of creatures, including the undead, orcs and demons. Now, once more they had gathered together, to pay respect to their commander, a man that once spread fear among the ranks of orcs and demons.
The Plaguelands was silent and no undeads had been sighted yet, rain had just arrived and was making the holy ground around them wet and muddy. Ariel had covered herself in a dark cloak and her face was difficult to see in the cover of darkness, the moon was half and on its peak, shining its white light upon them.
"Thorvald was a smart man, he knew that fighting against the shadow was ridicules, it was a war that could not be won, or rather should not be won, for what is light without darkness?"
Ariel slowly looks up from the ground and glances slowly over the group that stands in front of her, as she looks over the she thinks silently for herself, reminding herself of the past that. The group in front of her stays silent as the night, no one seems to be willing to answer the question, perhaps because they all have learned the answer after all these years of fighting. Ariel nods once for herself and continues with her speech. "The answer is simple, the light cannot exist without darkness, that is why Thorvald did not bother to fight against the shadow. No, instead he put all his strength and willpower into protecting those close to him. Because of this, no one has ever died in his presence. For this, we thank him. Let us give a moment of silence to this brave man who never gave up no matter how hopeless the situation was!"
Ariel looks into the ground, the rain falls upon her dark blue hood. She closes her eyes and thinks deeply while listening silently to the rains familiar sound as it hits stone, metal, dirt and cloth. Inside all this noise there is a deep silence that few can hear, in this silence she finds comfort. A tear makes it way out of her closed eyes and slowly moves down her cheek, this tear moves down to the tip of her nose and falls down upon the ground and mends into the rain. Suddenly she can feel something, she feels a hands upon her shoulder. Ariel doesn't look up, instead she moves her right hand slowly up to her shoulder and places it where she can feel the hand, as expected there is nothing there and her hand slides down again to her side.
Ariel looks up from the ground once again and takes a deep breath before continuing her speech. "Thorvald was-.. Great, even after the culling of Stratholme and the loss of his family he kept on walking, even after everyone had left him he continued walking, and when everything was on its darkest he kept on fighting for what he thought was right!"
Ariel's voice breaks up on the last word in the sentence, she feels her heart breaking and she wishes to cry, yet no tears comes out of her eyes. She closes her eyes and hugs the cloak tighter around herself, it feels comfortable, like someone is hugging her.
Ariel turns around and looks towards the tomb, it is made off granite and made to last thousands of years, the large pillars on the sides to hold up a stone roof, then there is the stairs that leads far into the darkness of the pit, she can see the shadow moving around. Ariel turns around once more and looks towards the people standing in front of her, most of them had their heads faced towards the ground, their shining armor with the crest of Lordaeron attached or painted on it, some blue others red. These men had been loyal to the very end. She stared at one of them, his eyes blue glowing eyes stared directly at Ariel, the man had been slain and had been resurrected into a Death Knight by the Lich King soon after Lordearon fell. She looks away from him again and looks once more over the people standing in front of her.
"If anyone wishes to speak their mind about the deceased now is the time."

Here is what happened to Thorvald Silverlight for anyone of those who wondered. Only IC responses and everyone who knew him was indeed invited to this.

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