[H] Interest check for a steampunk-themed guild and ideas?

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Re: [H] Interest check for a steampunk-themed guild and ideas?

Post by Lavian on Sat Mar 15, 2014 4:04 am

Rin-Lin wrote:Why do you have to mock and troll me so much?
Cause I make an "easy" target?
Mind you, I am also a person behind the screen, with feelings and thoughts.

And no, I didn't mean to let others do it for me - I guess I expressed myself wrongly.

To get bombarded with a flow of negative shit can put anyone off, really. So, no - I'm not overreacting.
Alas, as said, I should perhaps have expressed muaelf differently.

Besides, even if I did work on the first post, and made it real appealing, I... Well, the interest doesn't seem that big.

As for the guild leader thing, you can ask anyone in there. It's not MY opinion - it is theirs.

This post is the very definition of an over reaction and what people are trying to point out. Granted one or two of the posters didn't exactly paint a positive view in their remarks but they weren't outright rude either. Ert even gave a decent initial post over the whole steampunk in collaboration with current guild things. Why don't you just start off with that and work on it from there? These guys were rather tame with their "Critique" and you're painting it all off as something it isn't.

Most of the posters gave input into your initial post. Instead of working with them to give a clear relation back and forth you just instantly went for the "Everyone is a jackass im not doing this no more route" [>Insert huffing picture here<]

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Re: [H] Interest check for a steampunk-themed guild and ideas?

Post by Rin-Lin on Sat Mar 15, 2014 7:32 am

Any mod that can delete this topic, please?

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