Reahndril Leafwhisper

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Reahndril Leafwhisper

Post by Darryl on Sun Mar 09, 2014 3:19 am

Character name: Reahndril Leafwhisper, known as Reahndril Tallbough in life.
Alias: Re, Reahn, Heartgouge
Gender: Male
Age: 3308
Race: Night Elf
Class: Death Knight

Birth region: Ashenvale
Specific area/town: -
Born to Sentinel Athendea Leafwhisper and a druid of the claw, Tyrelion Ambergleam, over 3000 years ago, as the second child of the mated couple. After reaching maturity he was mated, his mate giving birth to two children over the course of centuries. After he left the night elven lands, due to nefarious circumstances, his best friend's mate gave birth to his child - unbeknownst to him; leaving him with three children he has not met since.

Known friends or enemies: His mate and his family. Much of the people of the community he lived in. And for obvious reasons the Scourge and whatever enemies of the Alliance he's pitted against.

A tall elf rising up to a height of 6'9" (about 210 cm), his imposing figure stands up completely straight and is often fully armored in saronite. His expression is blank, his gaze uncompromising and his boots create heavy metallic thuds as he walks, determined in his path. A heavy runeblade rests in a makeshift harness against his back, inscribed with six faintly glowing runes.

His dark skin has a purple hue to it, creating a strong contrast with the faded pale silver-green hair tied into a neat tail and flowing down his back; all the way below his belt where the tips of his hair turn dark. His long ears look torn around the edges and one of them is twisted and broken, the tips of the ears darker than the rest of his skin.

His face looks othewise unmarred, except for the left side of his face, where a portion of his cheek has been shredded and torn, his teeth and a part of his jaw visible through the torn gap. This leaves his lips in a perpetual half-grimace on that side of his face.

Obscure. Most of the time his expression tells very little of what he is thinking, but when he speaks his tone is mostly respectful, if not a little absent-minded. He doesn't seem to be aware of it bothering people, but he constantly stares at people around him, blankly, observing things happening around him with an aloof attitude. His expression shifts occasionally at seemingly random moments, only to fall back to a blank expression as if nothing had changed. However he straightens into attention when faced with figures of apparent authority.


An ambitious young elf born with amber eyes, Reahndril was always driven to excel, to push himself further, above others of his generation. Always with a gleam of obsession in his eyes, he would seek to become better, to achieve more. Even his choice to mate was driven by his thirst for recognition as he approached a young elven woman who was widely considered one of the most talented and beautiful young elves in the area. He was by no means a stable individual in life, often becoming nearly vicious in his pursuit of status and power in the elven society. The elders of his community looked at him with clear disapproval and would often slow down his progress on purpose in order to teach him humility and patience, which would infuriate him time and time again.

As he matured, his attitude somewhat softened, but he retained a certain unconscious contempt towards those who would attempt to hinder his progress. Outside of his work and yearning towards new accomplishments, there was trouble brewing. He had chosen his mate due to superficial reasons and even went as far as to woo her despite not in truth loving her the way those mated were supposed to. In truth, his eyes were set on another young lady, one of problematic temper who would often get in trouble, definitely not the ”perfect mate” he had sought in choosing his own mate. As if to make things matters more complicated, the elf he had set his eyes on was also mated to his close friend. Despite the situation, Reahndril could eventually not suppress his desires and approached the target of his affections, suggesting a very inappropriate affair to her. She declined, but he – with his arrogant pride and refusal to see his own actions as inappropriate – did not take it well and attempted to force himself on her. He was later caught in the act, after having attempted to silence the elf using the authority of his position, by his own mate and mother of his two children.

Needless to say, he was forced to either flee elven lands or face the severe consequences of his actions. Effectively stripped of his status, all that he had worked for, he saw this as a betrayal towards himself, in utter denial of his own responsibility in the situation. Wandering the continents, far away from elven lands, he eventually found himself in the Plaguelands, becoming barely more than a pariah, healing the land where he could – wandering and lost without purpose in life. When he was killed and raised by the Scourge's minions, he welcomed it as a sign of once more regained purpose in life (or undeath). The rabid unremorseful dog he had been before was quickly leashed and transformed by his long exile and the following service to the Scourge, moulding him into a completely new type of animal.

Things you may know about this character:
A thousand years ago or so he was part of the War of the Shifting Sands (while still using the name Reahndril Tallbough), possibly recognizable to other elves who fought in the War.
He wields a heavy wide greatsword with forged runes on it – three of which glow in a faintly green, two in red and one in blue color.
He can often be seen in Stormwind City watching groups of children. For whatever reason.

Things you may not know about this character:
He went by a different name during his time as Scourge, but is now using the last name of his mother as an insult towards her.
He has an illegitimate child even he doesn't know about.

Possible crime record: None. Yet.

Other information:
Will update more here in case I think of something to add.

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