Anhagath Moonflame

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Anhagath Moonflame

Post by Feral / Blackfall on Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:25 am

Character name: Anhagath Moonflame
Alias: "Anna"
Gender: Male
Age: Seriously old, bro
Race: Night Elf
Class: Swordsman/Mage

Birth region: ~Azshara
Specific area/town: Galhara
Family: Officially presumed dead.
Known friends or enemies: Friends: His closest friend is the druid Aarion Windsong. He also seems quite tolerant of "Ruffle" Harkan, a young, enthusastic and adventurous human. Associates on friendly-ish terms include Prython Darkclaw, Arkil Stormfeather, Crowley Greysmith, Thondalar Stormleaf and Devylle "Dangers."  His enemies are too numerous to list.

Description: Anhagath is tall and gaunt, generally expressionless, his face set and stern, and lined with age. His eyes glow a deep, bright gold. The left half of his face is mottled with new burn scarring. His hair is long and white, and seems to be left free to do its own shaggy thing.  Despite his imposing stature and somber expression he does not seem to draw much attention when silent, often standing motionless in the background or moving with a catlike, fluid grace.  He often wears a hood, further masking any expression.
Personality: Anhagath comes across as stern, cold and severe, seemingly very traditional and often sharp in his mannerisms, rarely showing any emotion whatsoever. At times an arrogance or dry, sarcastic wit shows through; at other times a military demeanor is apparent, hinting to possible time spent in an army of some kind or other.
History: Anhagath's history is quite long, and for some reason, the old elf keeps it wholly to himself.
Things you may know about this character: He has a familiar, Singe, who aids him in menial tasks: a small blue elemental creature, heavily-runed, who seems to greet everything with childlike enthusiasm. Anhagath often seems to be overly severe and irritable in response to Singe's antics. He wields a long, wicked-looking two-handed blade that looks utterly ancient, yet built for combat rather than ceremony; he calls this sword Felo'elune.
Things you may not know about this character: Everything you think you know!  Everything about Anhagath that he displays or speaks of, from his personality to his values to his history, at any given time, should be taken with a grain of salt. Or a bucketful.
Possible crime record: None on record; one arrest (no conviction) by the Disciples of Light for arson. One arrest record with the Kirin Tor (contact me if you look into it).

Other information: If you speak with Anhagath in roleplay, it's best to take everything completely IC.  If he seems like he is being an overly obvious moron, or a ridiculously sinister cultist, then he's probably doing it deliberately and being purposefully over-the-top, rather than it being bad roleplay!

Picture by Calisar!

This one by me:

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Re: Anhagath Moonflame

Post by Darryl on Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:27 am

Met you today! Awesome stuff! <3

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