Hall of Blood and its surroundings

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Hall of Blood and its surroundings

Post by Rin-Lin on Fri Feb 21, 2014 3:02 pm

The entrance at the top, that leads to the prison beneath the Hall of Blood, holds an invisiable barrier that cannot be penetrated or entered by other people than those who have access.
The same goes for the holding cell in the prison.

Those granted access are:
* Knight Lord Tyranfal Silvershine
* Knight Champion Luinias Bloodspear
* Knight Champion Thandolar Sunlock
* Knight Master Vatlei Dawnbinder
* Adept Tarthek Jobic (just temproraly)

If you do need to get into the prison, contact one of the following people and state your request. Also make sure that you tell why you want to get into the prison.

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