Looking for Mage RP: The doors of the Ordo Arcana opens before you!

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Looking for Mage RP: The doors of the Ordo Arcana opens before you!

Post by Eldiros on Mon Feb 17, 2014 6:10 am

Having seen an extreme lack of large scale rp activity among the Guilds in the Defias server concerning mages and their role in the World (atleast on the Alliance side), I thought I would try to create a more organized wizard's Guild and Academy for interested mage RP'ers in the Alliance. Here enters the Ordo Arcana, a mage's Guild with the intention educating students of the arcane and assist successful arcanists in their studies. The order welcomes all and is centered at the great Wizard's keep of Acrenor in the Deadwind Pass (we are using the karazhan zone for this but IC'ly it's supposed to be located on the other side of the pass, hidden slightly by the angles of the Mountains and mists), a strange fortress known for it's library but surrounded by suspicious rumours because of it's darkened history. It is the domain of the Wizard Eldiros Almadros, an inquisitive old man who seeks now, along with a Group of his colleagues, to pass on their knowledge of the arcane to the younger generations and to establish organized usage of magic in Stormwind City (note that this only our intensions and wishes for a possible future and that we do not just claim political Power in any way just because we can for really, we can't Very Happy). Not only does the order take upon itself the responcibilities of teaching the arcane, but also to hunt down and destroy the dark forces of the World and to banish the dark Powers of fel, shadow and necromancy.
This is a new Idea of an order that myself and a couple of my friends with mage characters have been discussing for a long time and that we are really trying to get working now. The idea of a powerful Magician's institution and Academy is very intruiging in my opinion and we would like to welcome as many as possible that share this view.
Using karazhan as a base of operation work like this:
Every wednesday, we clear the Keep of any mobs and bosses, though sometimes we leave some behind to represent the fact that Acrenor is a Little haunted and that there are other forces, of great evil, that dwell inside the fortress, some are greater than the order and some remain unknown. (this brings about an endless list of rp events as we also ahev to fight for the Guild's survival in such scenarios without end in many organized events Very Happy)
The level requirements to enter karazhan will be represented by the fact that the first rank is that of an ascociate, a mage who recently joined and has not been tested in abilities yet by the order. After 68, one can gain acces to the Tower and become a novice to study and become a full fledged arcanist. If one already is rping a powerful wizard, one can advance directly to that of an arcanist and then aim for higher ranks.
IC, each member carries an amulet imbued with magical enchantments to signal their membership in the order. This is vital for identification. The discplay of a tabard is never neccesary unless one become a battlemage (who serves as basicly a type of guard inside the Guild).
The order is run by a Council of Archmages, each representing a specific school of magic and is to take care of several duties ascociated with the particular school. The are the administrators.
For an example, Eldiros is the administrator of Evocation, and therefore is in command of the battlemages of the order, he teaches evocation to students and is responcible to safeguard the order from it's many enemies.

To start, we shall not have all 8 schools of magic but rather just Three, until (and if) we grow in members, then and only then, will we expand. For now, the seats that are taken are the following: Evocation and Divination.

For those that would join the Guild, but not as magicians, the possibilities are also there, since there is a staff section in the ranks, that recides outside the hierarchy of the mages of the order (servants, jail keeper, etc...)

With the council, the title of guildmaster would be passed along most of the time. Holding the rank of archmage will give you direct authority IC and OOC on how the Guild is run. Though the keep belongs still IC to Eldiros since I have been living there Before the Guild was formed aswell.
We would be grateful for any help in making this Guild succeed offered in any way. As a Guild we will promise extreme potential in intense roleplay and a lively World of events. For those that would RP a mage scholar, please feel free to Contact us concerning membership or even something else, for we will gladly organize mage rp even outside the Guild. The order will be based with it's activities in Stormwind City and try to participate in politics aswell as random rp. If there are any questions, please feel free to Contact me in the game or on the forum and I'll answer them as best i can. The Ordo Arcana welcomes you with open arms, fellow arcanist! Will you answer and join us in our cause of knowledge and Discovery?

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