Mordai Blackrend

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Mordai Blackrend

Post by Táo on Wed Feb 12, 2014 9:06 am

Character name: Mordai Blackrend
Alias: 'Blackrend'
Gender: Male
Age: Early 30's
Race: Orc
Class: Warrior
Birth region: Alterac Valley
Morgar (father, deceased), Khoriva (mother, deceased), Warru (sister, deceased) and Vakgar (brother, deceased)

Known friends or enemies:
Friends: The Frostwolf Clan. The Orcs of the Red Blade. The Horde.
Enemies: He hates the Alliance, but wishes for peace. He believes Azeroth has room for everyone, but is aware that the world isn't ready for peace yet.

An orc of average height. Very muscular.
He has scars and burnmarks all over his body.

Patient, collected, disciplined and semi-diplomatic.

Born into the Frostwolf Clan during the early First War.
From a very young age he started practice the use of weapons with great enthusiasm. He obviously had a natural-born talent, which he did not intend to waste.
As he reached adulthood the Frostwolves were approached by Thrall, who later on led a crusade to unify and free the orcs from captivity and corruption. Throughout the Third War, Mordai fought bravely. He was there when Ogrimmar was founded.
Now while some Frostwolves decided to return to Alterac Valley, Mordai among some decided to stay. He was a young and brave warrior, and he knew that the Horde would be needing all able-bodied orcs in the future. He wished to stay and fight.

One year took another and one day he decided to leave the armed forces of the Horde. With accept and recognition from his general, Mordai was released from duty.
He started picking up day-to-day jobs in Orgrimmar and lived a slow, common life.
It didn't take long though, before he started craving for action. Fighting was all he knew of and the one thing in life he was really good at.
He had heard of an orcish tribe accepting members of various clans. A tribe living by the old traditions and fighting for the cause of the Horde and its allies. He sought them out and let himself recruit into their roster.
But what happened since is a story still taking place...

Things you may know about this character:
- He has a bad habit of chewing tobacco.
- A very skilled warrior.

Things you may not know about this character:
- A life on the battlefield has hardened him, but to those who know him well, he's actually very kind and thoughtful.

Possible crime record: N/A

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