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Anthony Marezzo

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Character name: Anthony Marezzo
Alias: 'Tony'
Gender: Male
Age: Deceased
Race: Human
Class: Mercenary/Smuggler

Birth region: Stormwind Kingdom
Specific area/town: Stormwind City
Family: Dorthea (mother, deceased) and Paulo (father, deceased)

Known friends or enemies:
No actual friends, but Anthony has a lot of acquaintances.
He is not particular fond of the authorities.

Anthony was born in Stormwind City. His mother died when giving birth to him and his father was a violent alcoholic, who made the childhood of young Anthony a very tough experience.

Because of that, Anthony spent most of his young life on the streets. He became friends with all the wrong people and soon got involved with street crime. He was a violent, but smart kid who was often able to outsmart his friends into carrying out his bidding and avoid getting caught by the authorities himself. A few times though he did get arrested. But the jailtimes only hardened young Anthony, more than correcting him.

When Anthony was about eighteen years old his father passed away. Shortly after he left Stormwind behind to start doing mercenary work. He was hired into a para-military unit, by which he served three years on a contract. He was an excellent soldier with great potential and a surprising discipline considering his past.

Anyhow as the three years passed and his contract ran out, he soon found himself back in Stormwind without anything to do. He got picked up by a small gang of smugglers, by who he was assigned to guard cargo, collect debts and muscle out competitors.
Things were going great and during the next five years Anthony made a lot of money. But everything must come to an end.
On a winters night, in an attempt to smuggle goods into Stormwind Harbour, he and the rest of his fellow smugglers were caught by the authorities and charged guilty in operating a wide smuggling operation.
Anthony was sent to the Stockades to serve a two-year sentence behind bars.

Since the day that Anthony was released from prison, he has been in and around Stormwind.
First he had a brief connection with the organised crime syndicate "The Company", also known as "Dwarven Distric. But as the gang suddenly had a bloody turn-over in leadership, with several casualties to follow, Anthony managed to slip out his ties to that group, as his only connections inside was killed.
After this he was employed by a respectable overseas trading company to oversee and control their "shady affairs" such as smuggling, extortion, money lending and debt collection. He made a ton of money. But one day his employer just disappeared without notice and the whole crew scattered and sought out new crews.
Anthony though took his money, settled down in Booty Bay and retired.
From here he wasted all of his money of gambling, prostitutes and alcohol. He was found one day, face-down, bloody and stabbed to death, floating in dockwaters.

A whole lot of tattoos covers his rather muscular body.
Branded with the letter "S" on his lower left arm.

Stubborn and manipulative. Controlled, but ruthless and violent.

Things you may know about this character:
Served some years by a para-military group.
Served some years behind bars.
He drinks a lot of alchohol and smokes a lot of cigars.
Some rumours go, that crime still plays an active part of his life.

Things you may not know about this character:
Besides of rumours, you wouldn't know where to locate him.

Possible crime record:
Almost any thinkable act of crime.

Theme Song:

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