Rhia "Shadow" Nyoma

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Rhia "Shadow" Nyoma

Post by Nexiax on Tue Feb 11, 2014 8:37 am

Character name: Rhia Nyoma
Alias: Shadow
Gender: Female
Age: Around 10,000
Race: Night Elf
Class: Hybrid Fighter

Birth region: Zin-Azshari
Family: Tinitha Nyoma (Older sister, presumed deceased) Shalaeas Nyoma (Younger sister, deceased) Mendraen Nyoma (Twin brother, deceased) Galanadass (Father, deceased) Sylseria (Mother, deceased)
Known friends or enemies: Rick Manderson, Allonia Miral, Thorvald Silverlight (Deceased), Flint Carlson, Ariannaela, Brell Nightwhisper (Presumed deceased), Illdrithen Windsong (Deceased)

Brief Description: Rhia would be covered in scars old and new from head to toe. They would be formed from burns, blades, spells and much more.

Her shortly cut white hair would be swept across to her right, and would be messy and unkept. her white eyes, surrounded by a larger density of scaring than any other part of her body, would be surrounded by prominent white eyebrows, a slight recurve nose showing signs of having been broken on several occasions in the past and black night elf inkings depicting strange swirls, symbols and runes. Her lips would be a dark blue in colour, and would hide some broken and chipped teeth along with a missing fang. She would also be missing the upper part of her right ear, which along with her left stretch back behind her. All of these features would be held on a gaunt and thin face.

A slender neck would lead down to a slender yet still muscular body. Small breasts would lead down to a thin waist with the faint signs of a six pack. Like the rest of her body, her skin would still be heavily scarred. She would stand at 6'7" in total.

Rhia would smell of the forest, particularly strongly of various exotic herbs. Her breath would smell particularily of berries, with a very faint smell of alcohol as well. Her kisses would taste the same, rare as they are.

Her voice would sound like gravel scrapped over stone, harsh and rough to the ears with little to no elegance. The pitch and often tone would be that of Valla/The Demon Hunter from Heroes of the Storm/Diablo 3.

Her skin would feel rough from the extensive damage, yet mostly clean.

There would be a magical aura surrounding Rhia.

Brief Personality: Rhia would have an erratic personality that can change like the wind. Often, she is quiet, often choosing to listen rather than speak, though she will speak if she needs to. She will usually care greatly for her friends, and will always try and strive to do the right thing.

However, she can very quickly change to someone who has lost their mind completely, without a care or thought in the world. The same friends she promised to protect she would kill in an instant, and she will show no remorse or compasion.

This slight madness is only enhanced around the presence of magic and magical artifacts.

Brief History: Rhia was born over 10000 years ago in Zin-Azshari. At the start of the War of the Ancients, while still a child, she lost her family and fought in the war. The effects of living though the war and seeing the atrocities committed set her on a path of intense hatred for the legion for the rest of her life.

After the war, she grew to feel that the new night elf way was wrong and was often outspoken against some of their rules. Eventually she left in self exile to southern kalimdor, where she lived the life of a hunter for many thousands of years. At some point, she met a night elf who taught her how to wield the magic of the legion against them, and how to best combat them by binding a demon to one's self.

So for the next thousand years, she killed demons and warlocks, then later anyone remotely connected to demons as her hatred only festered and grew. Eventually her tyranny was brought low by the twilight hammer, who ambushed, enslaved and then tortured her for a year in the Catacalysm for the sheer pleasure of doing so.

Eventually she escaped to freedom, but a spell cast in desperation by one of the cultists left her mind reeling and her memories lost. Broken in body and spirit, with a dark and tortured look, she stumbled into redridge where she slowly recovered.

Once recovered however, she was made to leave, and made way through the lands of stormwind, eventually finding work among a group known as the freelancers, a group of explorers and adventurers. In exchange for them helping her recover the memories of her past, she would use the knowledge that she retained to aid them in their quests around the world.

In time, she grew to have many friends among the order, and it was them who eventually managed to influence her decision, once she had recovered her memory, not to pursue her dark oath again and instead seek righteousness and forgiveness. Unsure of where to start however, and seeing herself as potentially dangerous for the knowledge she wielded, she set off to Pandaria when the organisation eventually disbanded, so that she could study and become a monk, to which she is still training to do to this day.

The full extensive story of her past will be written (Hopefully soon) on DefiasRP.com for you to read.

Things you may know about this character: She studied as a demon hunter and also studies now as a monk
Things you may not know about this character: She is insecure about her appearance, and still actively practices void and fel magic
Possible crime record: Use of forbidden magic, assault, resisting arrest. All three have had their respective sentences served.

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Re: Rhia "Shadow" Nyoma

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