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RP Flex

Post by Baji on Sun Feb 09, 2014 4:33 am

Hi guys,

This might possibly be the wrong forum for such a thing, but here goes...

It was part of my idea when I created the Path of Dawnchaser to, perhaps someday, raid - but whilst RPing. Obviously, you wont have to RP all the time, because there is some tactics and stress involved, but following the story, talking a bit, perhaps yelling while fighting could be fun as well.

If anybody was interested in it - Horde side - then please post here. I'm going on holiday for 10 days this Thursday, but after that, I would like to give it a try if enough people are interested. "Flex" is maybe the best way to do it, as we can have as little (10) or as many people with us as we like... but we could also try 10 man or 10 man heroic.

I've only done LFR myself, and I know it pales in comparison when it comes to difficulty, but that will also be fun, no?

If we're aiming for flex, I think you need to be ilvl 525? at least? Appreciate any advice on this. I've never been a raid leader before (only co-leader in vanilla raids...)

Would also need to come up with a story, if we do less than SoO raids - otherwise we're just re-living the battle through tales! Wink

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Re: RP Flex

Post by Lexgrad on Sun Feb 09, 2014 5:57 am

Poke me for massive deeps if you need it, my char is on AD but he has 576 ilvl and I am up to Siegecrafter on HC. Can Tank on Horde Lex too if you prefer.

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Re: RP Flex

Post by Skarain on Wed Feb 12, 2014 3:14 am

When flexible raids first came out, Wild Tempest gave those raids a try in semi-ic manner. We ran the Valley of Eternal Sorrow but what happen IC was a bit different than the layout of the raid. To pass on our experiences, you can read below the In-Character report made of the event and some thoughts about the subject of Semi-IC raiding. I hope it helps you with planning your own raiding session.

The Vale of Eternal Sorrow

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Date: 19/09/30 sdp

Captain: Inran of Kor'khat

The Briefing

Several formidable threats have been detected in the Sha-touched part of the Vale of Eternal Blossom. Wild Tempest and Blooming Lotus combined their forced and sent a force to deal with these threats before they grow in power and threaten Mistfall Village before the citizen are to evacuate from the Vale.

Main Objectives:

  • Vanquish the Corrupt Jinju and their Creation: "Achieved"
  • Grant the Ghosts of Golden Lotus Defenders rest: "Achieved"
  • Withstand the influence of Sha in area: "Failed", "In Progress"
  • Vanquish the massive Manifestation of Pride: "In Progress"

The Corrupt Jinju and their creation was located in one of the nearby drained-out pools next to Mogu'shan Palace. In their Pride, a group of Jinju had belief they could rouse the waters back up from the depths with their magic. Water had indeed seep up from the ground, but utterly corrupted by the Sha, taken the form of a Water Elemental Colossus. The Jinju fail to realize they had created a monstrosity, and with great sadness Wild Tempest and Blooming Lotus had to grant them rest, for they defended their ever-growing Colossus with zeal.

The Jinju, easily vanquished, their creation proved another story. Attacking with torrents of water and bolts of Sha-energy, the Colossus inflicted serious damage to the soldiers, who many would now belong among the dead if not for the skilled Healers present. Eventually after a tough and tiresome fight, the Colossus was defeated, and the waters seeped back to the ground. Several of our members had to be sent back to the Village, for they had taken quite a beating.

Further to the center of the Sha-touched area lie corpses of Pandaren Defenders, who had rushed to the defense of the Vale at the side of the central pool before the cataclysmic events occur. To our horror, their spirit's still lingered bound to the material plane, bound by their guilt and duty. We saw no choice but to grant the spirit's rest.

While yet one notable threat remain, a massive Manifestation of Sha by the ruins of the Goblin Mine, the Company and Blooming Lotus, for their long time in the Sha-infected grounds were showing signs of Pride once again. It was to our best interest to withdraw back to Mistfall Village before things worsened.

Soldiers are told to meditate to calm their minds, and the Pandaren are at aid in cleaning us from the Sha and prepare us for the confrontation with the Sha that hopefully is our last.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

157th 'Wild Tempest' Company
"Storming the Front"
This is the In-Character explanation for the Vale of Eternal Sorrow Raid of Thursday (and Friday), what we did go and do. I will give my thoughts of the raid and the concept of In Character raiding now that we have experienced it.

It is incredibly hard to near impossible to Roleplay during a Raid-encounter. While possible on during the trash and lesser mobs, as seen during the Jinju and Water Elementals before Immerseus, it is hard to keep Roleplaying with constant dying and since tactics are need to be discussed Out-of-Character. The rest of the raid after Immerseus proceeded almost absolutely OOC, for there was dancing and very little speech in /say.

My own conclusion is that Raiding can be done In Character. However, it is best to be done much like WPvP and PvP, where the Roleplaying happens before and after the battle, with the exception of occasional battle cries, but no speech really happens during the PvP combat itself, because the Roleplaying and Game-mechanics are so different and is not really possible to keep typing and roleplaying and be performing well in your task simultaneously.

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Re: RP Flex

Post by Baji on Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:45 pm

Cool! Thanks Inran Smile

I just got back from my holidays.. will definitely try and do this with my guild + friends, since nobody seems interested.

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Re: RP Flex

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