(H) High Mark of The Blade

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(H) High Mark of The Blade

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:02 pm

The 'High Mark of the Blade' were once an only rouge guild, our job was simple; get in, kill, get out. Life used to be simple back in the days, but things change. Deathwing arose, and ripped the world of Azeorth apart. Soon after, the Kro'korn forces increased in number and power, and Hellscream siezed the throne and things went down south.

The Blade's lost many of its members, and eventually almost ceased to exist. A few survivors re-grouped, and set out to re-create the High Mark of the Blade to what it was, with a few changes.

We have decide to open the guild to ALL CLASSES and not just rouge's. We require members of all specialities, skills and strengths. The new Blade's want a better warband, a group of brothers and sisters that are willing to fight for what's right, for the warband, and most of all, for honor!

Much like our only rouge policy, other elements have changed and/or altered to fit with the new upcoming generations. We might sound like ruthless killers, willing to ambush anything and everyone that is against us; however we are not. We fight for the Horde, the true Horde. We plan to seek alliance with our fellow other Horde warbands and groups, and seek to start a communication within the True Horde, and group together and fight side by side when the time comes.

Back in the old days, assassinations were fully thought through and planned. Our biggest and most important policy was 'Do not get caught.'  This meant that with every assassination we did, we would never go in unless we have our escape planned, a way out. We were a subtle and secretive group of assassins that stayed under the radar, popped up whenever we needed to, and hide back in the shadows. We led undercover lives, and travelled to popular hubs, bars, areas to collect and seek information, and then mask ourselves and strike.

But things have changed, the world has changed, and so has the Blade. We are re-born, we want to come up, show publicity and hide no more. No more undercover lies, no more masks and certainly no more hiding. We want to come out, publicize ourself, seek recognition and re-create the warband, and succeed it, much like Xeroth wanted, our leader, who was killed during Deathwing's upbringing.

What do we want?

What do we want from you?

We are seeking mature Rolplayer's to join us. We are a warband and honor, strength and witt is our style. If you're a new Roleplayer, do not hesistate to apply as our officers will help you go throught the proccess. We accept everyone, irrelevant of gender, race, class and level. We only have one level policy, and that is the character chosen to apply must be above level 20.

We will be holding plenty of already planned events, some led by myself, some led by officers, and casual Roleplay. Each of our members has the opportunity to create their own RP event, be it guild based, lore based or personal based. The member however, must contact one of our officers or myself with the idea. Only if the member is approved to host the event, he/she can use the in game calender to set up the event.

We will be working very hard to recruit members, and set up some events and casual RP. All help is appreciated.

If you're still interested, please apply! Remember, give us 2 to 3 working days to review your application. All applicants that have been accepted, will recieve an in-game mail setting up a meeting for an IC interview.

Our Ranking system:


The 'Initiate' rank is the first rank every member will achieve once they pass their IC interview and are invited to join the guild. The initiate rank is to test the members to see how dedicated they are, and to see how well they can work within the warband before they take the blood ritual and become official members of the Blade. Initiates are not allowed to wear the Blade tabard.

Blood Bound

The 'Blood Bound' is the second rank. This division is filled with Initiates that have proven themselves worthy to bind their blood to the warband. Each Initiate will embark in a ritual to bind their blood towards the Blade's, and obtain the Blood Bound rank. These are the official members of the warband and are required to wear the Blade tabard.


If a Blood Bound shows potential and great dedication, they advance to the third rank; Blade. The Blade's will be expected to take responsibility within the warband and see to it that things go well.This rank does not state your fighting style, it dictates to the entire League, that you have what it takes to achieve the title of 'Blade', a true member of the Blade, an advanced member.

High Mark

Achieving the High Mark division is quite the challenge. This rank requires great contribution and dedication both IC and OOC. This rank is qualified to those that prove they can lead the warband without the Master's presence. High Mark comes with a great weight of responsibilities, this is the officer rank. The High Mark's are the backbone of this League, the Master's right hand. The most trusted of the trusted will achieve this rank. High Mark's must substitute the leadership role while the Master is absent.

Blade Master

The leader of the High Mark of The Blade.

If you have further questions, please whisper me in game on: Eldezzar or on here.
Our Guild website: http://hshah1.wix.com/highmarkblade
We hope to hear from you soon!

Blade Master

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Re: (H) High Mark of The Blade

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 06, 2014 12:03 pm

I cannot seem to enter the guild website? Apparently it says I cannot post a link for 7 days? Could someone help me out with this please?

Thank you,


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Re: (H) High Mark of The Blade

Post by Ledgic on Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:05 pm

Should have been fixed, apologies. Taken care of now, let me know if it works.

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Re: (H) High Mark of The Blade

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:08 pm

Thank you Smile

Our Guild website: http://hshah1.wix.com/highmarkblade


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Re: (H) High Mark of The Blade

Post by Guest on Fri Feb 07, 2014 7:48 am

*As the Horde passes by, they notice that in every main city there are a few posters, stuck onto walls and various pillars. The Innkeeper at Silvermoon, Undercity, Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff has agree'd to hang this poster on the wall off their Inn.*

The poster:



Friends and family of the Horde, The High Mark of The Blade are back, and we're looking to recruit you!

We want a diverse range of bretherin with a variety of skills, be it Engineering, Architecture, Infiltration expertise, expertise in bombs, picklocking, fighting, healing, you name it, and we want it. We're looking to enlarge our warband further, and fight for the Horde, fight for what's right!

We're a millitary theme based group, meaning we have a sense of hierarchy which means you must be willing to follow orders and respect -every- Horde member, no matter what race.

If you're interested in joining, I will be at the Silvermoon bar tonight.

Good day,
Blade Master


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Re: (H) High Mark of The Blade

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