Grimolk Kinde

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Grimolk Kinde

Post by Jake Jasperson on Tue Feb 04, 2014 7:52 pm

Character name: Grimolk Kinde
Alias: Grim
Gender: Male
Age: Fourty-two
Race: Dwarf
Class: Death Knight

Birth region: Loch Modan
Specific area/town: Thelsmar
Family: Thandranor Kinde (Father - Dead), Mellanie Thunderbrew-Kinde (Mother - Dead), Tinkana Kinde (Wife - Dead), Emma Kinde (Daughter - Dead), Gyffin Kinde (Brother)
Known friends or enemies: Simon, Duvaineth, The Band of the Brave, Doowor.

Description: A muscular but fairly short dwarf, with a big, grey beard hanging proudly from his chin.
Personality: Grimolk is a fairly kind Death Knight, who is often quiet. He isn't afraid of saying what he believes. Grim loves his beer, even in undeath. Recent affairs have triggered his adventurous bones, so now he's rather risky when it comes to danger!
Grimolk was born in Thelsmar, along with his brother, Gyffin. The two boys had a happy childhood, until his parents (Thandranor and Mellanie) went through a tragic divorce. Grimolk and his father moved to Ironforge, and Gyffin and their other stayed in Thelsmar. The brothers were split up, and wouldn't see each other for years to come... ~~TimeSKIP!~~ ... Grimolk, being in his early twenties now, got a job at a blacksmith and a mine within Dun Morogh. While mining one day, he dug himself into a deep underground ravine, with a small about of water filling the bottom. After falling into the ravine, the water swept him into a well-lit cavern. The cavern was wonderous! Filled with various gems, garnets and ores! What a sight he had seen! But.. As he was basking in his triumph... Along came another greedy Dwarf, who mined out all of these precious minerals and left Grimolk with nothing but a tiny piece of copper! Grimolk fell into a slight depression after losing his fortune. But, it was nothing a good pint could fix! Grimolk went to a bar in Ironforge, and there he saw her. The most beautiful Dwarf he'd ever seen - Tinkana Thunderbrew. After a few drinks, he finally built up the courage to speak to her, but after one of his brilliant jokes, he had won her over!
Grimolk and Tinka were wedded the following summer in Kharanos, then they honeymooned in the Stonetalon Mountains. A few weeks later, they found that Tinkana was pregnant! Soon after, a beautiful baby was born! Emma Kinde. Though.. Not all was happy for long, as Tinka fell sick, and was sent to the medic. She had caught a rare disease from the Stonetalon Mountains, and death was inevitable... One month after finding the disease, Tinkana passed away. She was buried on a quiet, beautiful hill in the Arathi Highlands.
Shortly after the death of her mother, Emma collapsed within the streets of Ironforge. Emma had the same disease as her mother had. Emma's death ceremony was short after. She was buried in the Ironforge graveyard, to be closer to her father. (I'll add more soon)

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