Zuiquan Stormwalker

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Zuiquan Stormwalker

Post by Saintnick on Sat Feb 01, 2014 12:24 pm

Character name: Zuiquan Stormwalker (formerly Mistwalker)
Alias: Zui
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Race: Pandaren
Class: Windwalker monk
Alignment: Chaotic good

Birth region: Pandaria
Specific area/town: Dawn's Blossom.
Family: None. Raised by the Mistwalker family.
Known friends or enemies:

Master Ju-Sin Stormstout and the order of the Blooming Lotus.
Band of the Brave.

Too many to count, but most notable are the Company and Rend (deserves a special mention).

 A young pandaren, considered quite attractive for her species. Has a well trained, muscular body.
Keeps herself in shape by constant training. Is not a violent kind on her own, but if threatened, will not hesitate to respond with force.
She is rarely seen wearing casual clothing, as she feels quite uncomfortable and vulnerable without her armor.
Wears her Band of the Brave tabard like a sash, with Blooming Lotus and Shado-Pan insignias pinned to it.

 She is not what one would expect of a pandaren. Mostly quiet and almost anti-social. Famous for her short temper and outbursts of violence when her patience reaches it's end. Past adventures and misadventures have changed her considerably. No longer is she the energetic and friendly Pandaren she used to be. She does, however, still have a very kind heart and genuinely cares for those who she consideres friends.

Temple of the White Tiger monk, later joined the Shado-Pan and trained in espionage and assassination. Kept using her skills as a member of the Blooming Lotus and now does so as a Braveheart of the Band of the Brave.

 Born in Pandaria before the parting of the mists, she would grow up to train in the Temple of the White Tiger. She was not really a genius student, but was still showing a lot of potential and was considered one of Xuen's favorite students. Before she knew it, the Shado-Pan took interest in her. She was offered to take the trial, which almost cost her her life. But she survived and began training as a Wu Kao. Shortly after the mists parted, her superiors began training her in the arts of undercover work and infiltration, but never explained for what purpose. It was only when her training was complete, that she was briefed on her mission: To travel to Stormwind and locate Rennu Xiong, also known as "Rend". Her mission was to observe him, and should he continue to be a danger to his fellow pandaren and the citizens of Stormwind, detain him and bring him back to Pandaria for trial.


  Having arrived in the city of Stormwind, she would, for no less than a month wander the streets, taking odd jobs, collecting what little information she could. She would learn that a pandaren called Rend leads a criminal gang in one of the districts. She wasted no time and infiltrated the gang under the guise of a new member.

She would become one of them, embracing their greed, their cruelty and their barbaric methods. She would rob and kill alongside them. Soon after she first encountered Rend, she would realise that she is simply no match for the brutal giant of a pandaren. She would continue surveillance, hoping for an opportunity of some sort to arise. This opportunity surfaced during the second day of the Stormwind riots. It is then that she first came in contact with the Blooming Lotus.
  She would, risking her life, establish contact with the leader of the Blooming Lotus, Ju-Sin Stormstout and was offered a chance to leave the gang behind. She was to provide information that would allow the capture of Rend. Having a common goal, Zuiquan began feeding information to the order, and in the end, helped organise an ambush on Rend. Leaving for Pandaria with the criminal in chains, she would pledge herself to the order and her new master, Ju-Sin Stormstout.

Blooming Lotus.

 Zuiquan has spent a lot of time with the order and soon saw them as family. But, as we know, all good things come to an end sooner or later. After enduring mind-breaking torture at the hands of the Blackbrew Mercenaries and losing both her eyes, she never fully recovered, her mind becoming fragile and causing occasional fits of madness and violence. For that very reason (And after hurting several Lotus members in one such fit) she chose to leave Pandaria behind and return to the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is Stormwind. She Joined the Band of the Brave, becoming an adventurer and rising to the rank of Braveheart in no time. Though she often clashes with certain members of the Braves, she believes that she has finally found a place she can truely call home.

Things you may know about this character:
 Generally neutral, always up for a spar, much less cultured and peace-loving than her fellow pandaren. Has a very short temper and will throw punches without thinking much.

Things you may not know about this character:
She cooks possibly the best noodles in a 100 mile radius. Has little to no respect for authority. Depending on the first impression, she will consider you either an equal or below her, not caring if you're a beggar or a king. Generally prefers to solve conflicts with fists, but despite a rather violent nature, she is very wise for her age.

Possible crime record:
Used to be part of a criminal gang. Robbed, killed, kidnapped and beaten people to within an inch of their lives.

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