Banok: A quest for gainful employment

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Banok: A quest for gainful employment

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“You’re so slow Banok! Ha, ha, ha!”

“Behave yourself little cubs.” Tyragh was the an elder of the internment camp. He was a gruff old Orc, though tended to be soft with Banok and his twin sister Juta. They had taken a calling the old orc “Uncle.” His many years showed through his grey streaked black beard, and under a certain light, his beard seemed to glow. “Now come along you troublemakers,” he said, “Dinner.”

“Yes Tyragh,” they  replied. The aged orc led them to their camp hut to prepare for the evening meal.

As Banok opened the door, he was met with flames. Confused, he turned to uncle only to find him dead with his throat slit. The fire grew hotter. Down the hall he could hear his sister call out, “Banok, Banok!” His sister must be in danger. As he ran towards his sister’s cries the camp hut continued to burn around him.

“Banok! Banok,”
his sister screamed.

The fire burned. Everything burned. Blood covered the floor, the lifeless bodies of male and female orcs  lay scattered. His sister’s cries grew more panicked, but no matter how fast he ran, his sister seemed to move further away from him. A hand reached out and grabbed his shoulder. “Got one,” the voice yelled. Banok turned and found a shadow like monster with human features. It Emanated pure evil, and his eyes were as red as the flames that surrounded him his laugh bellowing.

His sister’s cries continued in the flames. “Banok! Banok!”


Chapter One

“Banok!” His eyes opened. “Wake up, they're here.” Another dream. Banok looked out down the Magic Quarter, he had been waiting with his partner, Huruk. They overlooked a crowded darkened street. A couple of Forsaken came out of the dim light.  The Goblin they had been assigned to protect during this… business transaction went down alone to greet them like it was arranged.

“Nightmare ?”
Huruk asked him looking at the forsaken and the goblin, “what about?”

Banok, reflected on his dream, of a life that felt more than a lifetime ago. All of that was in the past now, best to leave it there. “Nothing, Keep an eye out. Our buyer wanted a pure product delivered. That means he’s dangerous.”

The Forsaken were obviously of importance. One dressed in fine clothing, the other, though clearly a assistant was dressed better than most. The Goblin brought forward a cart holding a single chest. He opened the chest to reveal bags of a glowing product.
“I trust you have kept your end of the deal bub” the goblin said to the forsaken.

“But of course dear fellow!” the Forsaken replied, “It would be rather rude don’t you say, to have you travel all this way only to leave with nothing what, what.” He gave the slightest of sly grins, and signaled his assistant to produce a chest. “Payment. I do hope you brought others, it would quite heavy for you old boy.”

The Goblin paused, not wanting to give this Forsaken any info he didn’t need to know. This man had his product, and he had his gold. “Thanks bub, for your concern, but I assure you I can manage. We appreciate the business.” The Goblin began to turn around back towards Banok and Huruk, but was  interrupted.

“I must say, how have you seen much of Undercity? I imagine it must be quite different than what you are used to” the Forsaken chirped.

Banok's eyes widened his brow furrowed. Why is this forsaken asking stupid questions? He should know its important to remain discreet. He readied his blades. He looked at Huruk, who was also frowning. “I don’t like this” he said.

The Goblin snapped at the Forsaken, “Listen Bub. I haven’t had much time to prance amongst the flowers. I don’t wanna be rude, but I gotta scram.”

“My Dearest fellow!”
the Forsaken chuckled “You will stay and enjoy the beauty of undercity.” Suddenly,  a group of forsaken emerged from the shadows, blades glinting in the dark.  It was a double cross. “Although, how you will it from a apothecary cage I cannot fathom.” The Forsaken added as the others moved in to grab the Goblin.  Banok charged  appearing behind a unsuspecting ambusher  it's neck violently slit, gurgling in shock ichor spewing from the wound. it fell dead.

“Get in the cart! and stay down” Banok yelled to the Goblin. Huruk appeared behind another ambusher, and quickly produced two more dead bonebags. The Forsaken were better armoured than them, but relied on surprise and own arrogance too much. Banok and Huruk easily outmatched these few forsaken. He saw the main forsaken trying to flee the chaos. Banok was not going to let this snake suceed. He grabbed the back of the forsaken's head, and was aboutto slit it's throat When a intense burning shot of pain tore through his lower back. An arrow, these cowards came highly prepared a second wave of amushers loomed from nowhere. Taking advantage of Banok’s shock, the main forsaken struck a dagger into Banok's side, and he fell to his knees. He scanned for Huruk, only to find that he had been riddled with arrows and lay dead. The Goblin they had been hired to protect dead by the cart his throat slit the coins from the chest  had spilled and spread around it.

The main forsaken kicked Banok as he lay there.

“They said Orcs weren't supposed to be very clever.”

“I could say the same, Forsaken,”
Banok roared. He quickly grabbed a blade from a forsaken corpse next to him, and thrust it though his head. He staggered back, dead. The blade clinked upon the stone as he hit the floor. "Shut your mouth bone bag.”  Banok grinned, fading from consciousness.

Chapter Two
“You’re fine now cub.” Comforting words from his aunt “We'll have the mender clean them wounds. Perhaps next time you won’t fight more than one at a time hmm ?.” His Aunt's  one good eye and scarred face was full of love. “What foolishness made you to do it?” she asked.

“They were teasing Juta” He said grimacing in pain holding back tears.

“Poor cub,” she said. Her voice still full of love, “You mustn’t draw attention.  One day, you will be free. And you will protect her, but you must live long enough to see it.”

“Aunt?,” he whimpered confused. “Aunt, what if I never become as strong  to protect her?"

She drew a sweet smile, “You will be strong one day my cub, but until then, I will protect you.” She was always comforting, he felt safe.

Crack! sound of a whips echoed through the camp. The walls crumbled around the them into a strange landscape. The cub looked down to see himself covered in blood. He looked to his aunt, only to see she wasn’t there. Crack! went the whips again. He turned to see his aunt tied to a post, her back raw, her face blinded. Behind her stood a dark bulky figure, each lash he stuck ,he bellowed another laugh.  A shadow grabbed him by neck and lifted him. “The whore certainly loves you, you beast. I think you should see how she dies!”


Banok’s eyes opened. He was still alive? He was moving. He looked around to find his hands bound and being dragged by the feet.  A foul smell quickly reached his nostrils, it was himself.  And no wonder being dragged though Undercity by his heels. “Where are you taking me?” He roared.
Smirking, one of the Forsaken replied. “Oh, looks like the Orc is awake. Did you have a good rest?" The forsaken laughed among themselves.

Banok's blood boiled, “I asked you a question, rot bag.”

“I like him,” The forsaken said, “Still got some blood and thunder glory left in him. You’re hired goon and a nobody. Where do think you're going? To the apothecary of course” The forsaken glanced up at the darkened streets then looked down at Banok. “You can walk now, unless you enjoy skidding though the shit”

Banok, got to his feet. He didn’t take directions well but he would rather not be to dragged though fel only knows what. They continued on for what seemed hours turning this way and that. They never seemed to stop talking about their “great experiment.” Never mind that two Orcs were able to rend apart at least 10 of them. He began thinking of various ways to kill them forsaken where notoriously hard to kill, but should he escape he'd come up with some pretty good ideas.. “What is it Orc, ? what you staring at?  do you just like this fellows bony arse?” the rest of them murmured something.

“Quiet,” another one said. ”Look” On the floor lay a single boot soaked in blood, with a blood trail leading down an alley. " we should investigate it”

“It’s probably nothing ,” another said. “I doubt it’s anything to worry abo-“

Suddenly, an bullet came flying from the alley and hit one of the Forsaken square between his eyes, immediately followed by a small group of goblins  one of the forsaken roared something about the dark lady. The ambush ensued. Amidst this, one of the goblins went to attack him. Banok, he was an easy target but, he manged to quickly dodge the swing and punted the goblin square in its chest. Banok then hit with a downward strike his fists still bound,  snapping the Goblin’s neck. It had a dagger on his belt, a shot at escape?  He slid the dagger out and used the dead goblin as leverage to cut his bindings only to quickly counter another attack from a furious Forsaken. Driving his hands in a claping motion around its head through  disorienting it long enough for him to grab it's sword and use it against him severing it's head. The battle was over. The remaining goblins fleeing leaving Banok alone, with only corpses of forsaken , but a single living goblin left crawling from uner a corpse, his leg had be severed and he lay unable to do anything but bleed. As Banok kneeled down over the one legged goblin it spat blood and was pleading with him.

“Hey bub, ol buddy, ol pal Get me up! will ya you were hired as guard weren’t ya? We're on the same side right ?” the goblin spat in as charming a tone as one can have, having be recently divorced from one's limb. Banok grew close to the goblin’s face and smiled quietly whispering "Not today....bub not today"

Chapter Three

Banok strode into orgrimmar. From the zeppelin arriving from undercity . It was a long journey,  but the rest was welcomed he set upon a decrepit looking tavern. It smelled of strong ale, and it’s patrons were cloaked in it's dark dank corners. He felt right at home. He clapped his hands together and approached the bar keep to inquire about to see if there was any jobs and perhaps wet his whistle with a ale. The bar keep scowled and turned away pretending not to hear him.

Banok having a mighty thirst and a now more of less empty wallet (zepplins aren’t cheap ya know), slammed his fist down on the counter, shaking the glasses and bottles behind it sending the barkeep to nearly hit the roof in fright “What about at it then ?”

The bar keep quickly changed his tune. “Hurr, I think we might have a decent lil earner for you. I'll get right on it. What would like to drink?”

“Something strong and,” he smirked. Banok sat and ate, a stranger approached Banok. A goblin with a over sized top hat, not the most normal sight.

“What brings you to this dank little place of culture?” As the goblin spoke, Banok noticed his hand moving sneakily toward his belt. In response, Banok took his fork and slammed it into the goblin’s hand that was visible upon the table.

Banok grabbed the shocked goblins head, its face expressing a silentl scream. He whispered “Nice try, goblin.”

“What the fel bub ? I am Bamm Smogbomb. Could ya remove the fork from my hand, I thought ya wanted work?” Banok obliged the goblin.

“So what’s your Business.” Banok asked

After a short silence, the Goblin chuckled and began to speak, rubbing his fork stabbed hand:
“Well, bub  if you are interested, I run a good and profitable fighting pit that could use the help of a strong bodied blood and thunder types like yourself. It would be quite lucrative and ya know the honour and glory of battle and stuff."

Banok stared as he thought about the Goblin’s offer. … “How lucrative and what would be worth fighting?”

The goblin gave a wide, toothy grin, reveling several gold teeth.

Chapter Four

The two young Orcs swung their wooden logs/imaginary swords at each other. It was a sparring match among two very unskilled siblings. On-lookers would have had a good laugh watching these two would-be warriors.

“Juta,” their aunt called out from a distance. In the heat of the spar, Banok swung, striking his sisters’ hand by accident.

“Ow! Banok come oooooon, that wasn’t fair! That really really hurt!” In a fit of anger, Juta threw down the log, and  punched the unsuspecting Banok. This was the first real fight the two siblings had ever been in. A passing orc female heard the fighting and came out to see what was going on. In horror for fear of reprisal from the guards. The two cubs fighting, already bruised and bloodied.

"Come quick!”
The orc yelled as he ran to find the cubs' aunt.  Banok staggered from a strong strike to the stomach. He reared back to return the favour......


Banok blinked his eyes  dazed and snapped back. As he did, he could hear the savage chanting of spectators, and the stench of blood. He struck the other orc in the face. The crowd’s cheering grew louder. Drunken patrons were yelling at each other. Some of them had obviously placed a large amount of coin, others seemed content to fight each other.
The strike to the jaw provided the opportunity he wanted. Banok quickly grabbed the other Orc into a choke move. This wasn’t a fight to the death, but the other orc still not was not ready to lose. After several strikes to his ribs, Banok’s grip released. Banok was knocked to the one knee, being forced to block wild haymakers from the desperate orc. Banok landed a swift succession of strikes to the orc's knees, and Banok threw the orc over his shoulder as he tried to regain his balance. Banok wearily lifted the  equally exhausted orc by this torn shirt, and at the crowd’s pleasure, ended it with a elbow to the orc's face. The orc fell back unconscious. Banok was victorious.

A dark figure hobbled and approached his table after the fight. His mere presence made the air almost buzz and crackle with static “Mok'ra Orc! You’ve made me a good amount of coin today!  and you fought with honour, what’s your name again my memory ain't what it used to be?”

“Banok,” he answered.

“Hmm.what clan are you ? Bleeding hollow ?

“Yes… I believe so......”

The morning sun peeked through the loose wooden panels in the tavern’s walls it was still a dank dark pit. But, it would happen to shine directly is Banok's eyes. "Irritating" he muttered. It was no surprise for him though to find the dark figure there slumping beside him as he shielded the sun with his hand.  Over the last few months they had talked at length about this and that. Banok had learned the old orc was a Shaman in Orgrimmar after the recent upheaval with Garrosh. And was looking to see what was left of the city. And as the elderly often are, he was incredibly talkative and brazenly curious as to what the youth were up to and interested in.

"So Banok" the old Orc said as he sipped his drink "what you want out of life: wealth, honour, glorious battle, family.... Clan?

Banok placated the old orc as he had done before, " all of the above, but wealth aint that important, a family would be nice one day though"

A small grin grew upon the old orcs lips "Family, huh ?" slowly he took a sip of his drink again. His eyes never leaving Banok's face." You have no Family then?"

Banok gruffly answered "No" He had given away too much and felt foolish. The old orc waved his hands in a apologetic manner "Now now, cub don't get your britches in a tangle just a question. Just wondering why an orc like you is alone, clanless at very least not serving the Horde somewhere. I saw you fight you're good enough I guess, could do with a bit of discipline your mind seemed to wander a bit"

"I tried soldiering" Banok answered back as he couldn't help but smile as the old orcs tone of phrase. " It didn’t work out too well, I don’t take direction well, too strict and formal standng in front of crates, marching back in forth pointless drills"

The old chuckled and raised his mug spilling a good amount over the patron behind him, much to it's annoyance " I believe you are a bleeding hollow my boy!"

The two talked long into the day and then longer into evening. Round after round of ale was consumed. As banok told him of his foray into body guarding in undercity and the old orc told him tales of the second and first wars. Banok had heard them as a child. Tygar and his aunt had told them many times. But enjoyed the old orcs grander tales of exaggeration.

The next morning hazy eyed and sore of head the two met for a meal in the tavern. This time the old orc had a serious tone. as their meal was thrown in front of them by the ever charming barkeep. The old orc began to talk" Now Banok my boy I think you'd find a better purpose in this life by seeking out a tribe The red blade would probly take you they have proved themselves time and time again. fels bells they helped immeasurably during the rebellion and they take in all sorts of waifs and strays, you'd fit right in"

Banok had heard of the blades most had, though it never crossed his mind to join to seek them out he pondered that they probly fight far better things than what ever he had be thrown up against in the last few months as a pit fighter and he would probably work out better than his attempt at mercenary work.

He slammed his fist upon the table and said " Tell me more about these blades old timer"

A wide grin grew on the old orcs previously serious face " my boy this may take awhile and when I am done I’ll tell ya where to find em"

The next morning, Banok gathered his things and bid farewell to the old orc shaman and left the tavern. bumping briefly into a one legged goblin grumbling as it hopped in on crutches.

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