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"Every man carries a badge, some symbol of his allegiance. His were the scars of a Monk who used his fists to climb the social ladder of the mob. A Monk who gained the respect of the thugs through a homicidal lust and swore an oath to violence. A master of his own insatiable lust for power. He wanted to own this town. His name is Rend."

Character name: Rennu Xiong
OOC Character Name: Rend
Alias: "Rend"
Gender: Male
Age: Middle-aged
Race: Pandaren
Class: White Tiger Monk
Alignment: Evil

Birth region: Kun Lai Summit
Specific area/village: Unknown
Family: Unknown
Known friends or enemies: List of enemies is ever-growing. List of friends is ever-shrinking.

Description: Rend is a Pandaren past his youth, but his body is yet to show signs of slowing down due to aging. Though significantly larger than the average Pandaren, Rend is surprisingly sharp and agile for his size. With violence part of his daily life, it's expected that he carries a number of scars and physical traumas... The most obvious being his missing right eye. Aside from the eye and size, Rend can be easily distinguished through his signature Mohawk hairstyle and his fashionable black and grey armor. You will never see him in traditional Pandaren clothing, unless using it as a disguise.

History: Rend was a promising student within the Temple of the White Tiger. He excelled in unarmed combat, and advanced quicker than most other students. However, his Masters soon became wary of him. Unlike his Monk brothers he showed a lack of control and compassion, and a spine-chilling lust for causing severe pain to others. This troubled his Masters, as the Monks pride themselves on pursuing peace and serenity. When sat down and talked to, Rend only fueled their mistrust of him. He failed to see where he went wrong, and when pressured by his Masters he quickly turned aggressive and had to be restrained. His Masters spent hours simply speaking to him and listening to him, in a bid to uncover the source of his rage so they could seek to ease it. His philosophies concerned all those that heard them. They could see it in his eyes that it would be a difficult task to change the way he perceived the world, but they believed they could patiently douse his anger over time.

Years passed. Growing in strength and knowledge over the teachings of the White Tiger, Rend continued to become a more capable and dangerous combatant. He masked his inner rage as best he could from his Masters in a bid to stave off their concerns of him. However, this did not last. After killing and severely injuring more than one of his fellow students during simple practice, his Masters eventually banished him from the Temple - vowing that he would never be allowed to enter it again, and that he was forbidden from learning and practicing the arts of the White Tiger for the rest of his life. When the Horde and Alliance anchored on the shores of Pandaria, Rend was very quick to seek passage away from his homeland which he has grown to despise. Now residing in Stormwind, he finds himself leading a life of crime. A life where he isn't judged for being cynical and aggressive. A life where his talents and state of mind are appreciated and useful. A life where his problems are solved with his fists.

Things you may know about this character:

An arrogant, easily provoked, and aggressive bastard that suffers from severe tunnel vision when in the 'heat of the moment'.
A skilled fighter that often showcases his skill at the expense of a poor unfortunate in front of an audience.
Has many tyrant tendencies - but has been known to be surprisingly merciful on occasion.

Things you may not know about this character:

Much like our favorite villain 'The Joker', Rend gives a different reason behind the loss of his eye every single time he is questioned. It's unlikely that he ever has or ever will give the true story. It is unknown whether Rend tailors his story to the person asking in an attempt to intimidate, or is emotionally sensitive with regards to the true reason... Or maybe he just gives a different story every time for the fuck of it.

Possible crime record: Unknown as to how much information the authorities have on Rend, but due to the absent manhunt, it's safe to assume that they don't even have half of his crime history on record.


Fun fact: Rennu Xiong loosely translates to "Rage Bear" in simplified Chinese. (Well, that's a slight lie. It's actually "Fennu Xiong", but I didn't want to be called "Fend" so I tweaked it slightly!)

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Name: Rend

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Re: "Rend"

Post by Thelos on Fri Jan 10, 2014 1:13 am

I am going to make it my sacred mission to - against all odds - have Paozi be friendly to this character the next time they meet. All this bravado about meanness and viciousness is just making me want to cuddle the adorable fluffball even more!

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