[A] The Necessarius

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[A] The Necessarius

Post by SerenityIII on Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:10 am

Who we are

The Necessarius is a relatively new group which has an army like structure. We are bent on destroying the Legion with all the powers of Azeroth, the Light, the Elements, Unholy, and Fel. For this reason we accept all races and all classes. The name came from an organization from a manga, and it was The Church of Necessary Evil. We are not a church, but we use necessary evil. We believe that to defeat an enemy, we need to understand it. For this reason we also employ Warlocks and Death knights, so we can experiment on their power and see how it works, the flaws, the bonuses.


Originally formed by a Shadow Knight named Strisha and her friend Illania, The group started off small (Pretty much how it is now). Unable to lead the guild (Or so she said), Strisha left and put Illania in charge. Illania has worked to make the guild better, but has had little success, as the maximum amount of members gained including the OOC ones was 7, and that total has now come down to 6, with four RPers, 3 of which are active, 2 of which are warlocks.

Where we are

We have had numerous bases. The catacombs under the Cathedral in Stormwind, some catacombs in Raven Hill, and the training grounds in Northshire. However now, we plan to base in Stormwind keep, using some areas for research, some for meetings, and some for testing of magic, or dueling.


OOC - For members who are in the guild, may or may not be active, but have chosen not to join the guild ICily.
Trainee - An RP member who is still in training.
Soldier - An RP member who has shown skill in fighting.
Officer - An RP member who has shown great dedication to the guild and may lead a squad of two other people.
Commander - Like an Officer, but has more authority, and can lead a squad of five.
General - Like a Commander, but has more authority, and can lead a squad with a maximum of ten.
Master General - Can lead entire armies (If is available) and is the leader of the guild.

If you wish to join, contact any member of the guild (Look at the WoW website), and you'll be interviewed by me, Illania.

This is my first forum post, and my first guild with more than two people.

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Re: [A] The Necessarius

Post by Axebane on Sat Dec 28, 2013 9:14 am

Best of luck and I'm looking forward to see you guys in-game! Smile

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