(H) Night of the Spirits (Sun 29th)

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(H) Night of the Spirits (Sun 29th)

Post by Baji on Wed Dec 25, 2013 9:16 am

The spirits of past and present come to life on the mesas of Thunder Bluff and with the approaching Lunar Festival they are especially active!

The citizens of Thunder Bluff ((Path of Dawnchaser)) hereby invite all members of the Horde to come and seek some peace, tranquility and perhaps even enlightenment in the company of the spirits this Sunday.


Hey! I thought I'd try and arrange a little casual RP evening to celebrate New Year (albeit a bit earlier) on Thunder Bluff! If people want to come as their Shaman character, or any character that can summon a spirit, then that would be great.

As far as it goes now, we'll be meeting this Sunday (29th Dec 2013) at 18.00 on Thunder Bluff for some RPing! If you have any ideas, thoughts, etc. etc. feel free to reply or whisper me in game!

See you there!

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