The Refugee Rescue! (IC event report)

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The Refugee Rescue! (IC event report)

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The Refugee Rescue

The day had finally come, thought Baji, that he might be able to be a hero. The Tauren he had met in Thunder Bluff had been discussing the possibility of returning to Orgrimmar and helping the downtrodden, but security was tight and they didn't want to end up being conscripted into Garrosh's mad Horde... or just plain old arrested for no reason.
They had agreed to meet at the Crossroads and lead any they found back there and hoped they would even follow to Mulgore.

They thought it fitting for those who, indeed, found themselves at a crossroads between the old and new Horde...

The Tauren, however, had been more of a privileged member of the Horde. They, at least, had a history and their own home. The Pandaren there were almost forcibly recruited into the Houjin or just put to work by the Kor'kron grunts. Baji tried to explain his fears and what he was expecting, but none of his new found companions had been in Orgrimmar for quite some time. Baji had come with his bow on his back and his friends had thought that inappropriate and even "over the top."

But they didn't know...

His newest friend, a fellow Pandaren named Yoldran, had joined the Tauren in Mulgore, having witnessed firsthand how the Pandaren were treated after arriving from Pandaria. With the help of his Monk abilities he managed to escape conscription though and also found sanctuary atop Thunder Bluff.

As a group they rode to Far Watch Post in the Barrens and from there made their way to Orgrimmar.

Knowing going through the main gates of Orgrimmar would be a mistake and so headed along the river, on foot, to the less guarded western gates.

They had come up with a convincing excuse as to why they were all traveling together. Baji and Yoldran had taken on the guises of turnip Salesman and a marmot dealer. The Orcs didn't know what was in for them!

The Tauren, however, simply entered as visitors, though they received a few curious glares from the guards.

As they made their way through the city the Tauren were shocked to see the treatment of their Troll brethren by the Kor'kron. Arrests were being made, guns pointed at heads... and even the Goblins did not seem to be prospering within the city as they lived in a trash-ridden enclave.

The public beating of the Tauren Gamon triggered the groups nerves even more...

Upon arriving at the Houjin camp, Baji and Yoldran began trying to secretly catch the other Pandaren's attention while the Tauren stood guard. They received rather odd glances, but at least one Pandaren seemed to pay attention... Umeko Ironbloom. She told the group about what she had gone through and they knew they had to help her escape.

After a bit of discussion, Baji and Yoldran came up with a plan! They would distract the guards with... delicious... turnips and by releasing a few irritating marmots into the streets!

The group quickly made their way through the Tauren part of town, where a Tauren named Mahona had approached them and desperately questioned them if they would take her to back to Mulgore.

They made their way out of the town and bartered a Kodo from the caravan standing at the post for the refugees... they made their way back to Thunder Bluff under the cover of darkness and insured their new companions had a place to stay upon the peaks.

The trip had been a success but the group realised... there must be more out there who need their help.

((Just a brief little report of our little event! Smile))


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