Redemption's Call (IC)

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Redemption's Call (IC)

Post by Baji on Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:46 pm

Redemption's Call

News of the recent Forsaken-lead campaign in Lordaeron had finally reached the plains of Mulgore and had made many Tauren fearful of the future. Although they are considered part of the Horde, the Forsaken had made many uncomfortable not only with their actions, but with their mere existence... Garrosh had already pushed too hard against the Night Elves in Kalimdor and the Tauren had paid a heavy price. What dire consequences would the Forsaken's push in Lordaeron have for the Horde?

The Tauren had once encouraged the Horde to embrace the Forsaken, believing in their redemption and perhaps even a cure to their undeath. But now many years have passed and there had been found no cure. The Forsaken pushed hard through Lordaeron and took no prisoners and had shown no mercy. Although Garrosh's Horde may encourage such tactics, the more peaceful and spiritual members of the Horde found it abhorrent.

Was the Horde not founded on the spiritualistic beliefs of the Trolls, Tauren and Orcs?

Was that not why the Siege of Orgrimmar had begun?

Sunwalker Istuul was brought the news and became very weary. The old Tauren had seen a lot but kept his thoughts on his people. It had been many years since he had even left Mulgore - not since the Alliance incursion into the Southern Barrens - as he felt his place was in Mulgore to protect his people... but this time... this time he felt the need to act. Although the Tauren and Forsaken were, technically, allies and the Sunwalkers garnered respect amongst the Horde, he called upon a Shaman of the Riverchaser tribe to escourt and protect him on his long journey to the other side of Azeroth.

He knew it was time to act and say his piece. He might be ignored, but if he did nothing, then he truly would have failed. He had hoped to convince those allying with the Forsaken and aiding them in their carnage to stop. The Horde was falling apart after Garrosh's reign, but he could not imagine the power vacuum being filled by the undead...

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The journey was long and the hike through Silverpine and Hillsbrad had only filled Istuul's heart with even more doubt. What was the Earthmother's plan for the Forsaken? What was the reason behind all the corruption and disease that now plagued the realm of Lordaeron?

Upon arriving at Hammerfall, Istuul called out - he knew the Orcs of the Red Blade had been a large part of the campaign - but the Orcs had always lusted after glory in combat and had good reason to fight the Humans.

"Is there an Orc here who would speak with me?" he called out. An Orc responded and summoned Istuul to the Inn.  There, he met with the Orc Grogona and the Blood Elf Ainathiela, who seemed to hold some authority within this campaign. He knew convincing a Blood Elf would be difficult, but he had not come all this way to turn back now...

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Istuul plead his case but it fell on deaf ears. He could only pray that his words would ring in the Sin'dorei's mind for the days to come and that she would see the error in participating in this conflict. That she would find and encourage a peaceful solution instead... The Blood Elves were hardy allies of the Forsaken, for obvious reasons, but Istuul wondered how long it would be before they, too, walked the earth as corpses?

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"The dead are meant to rest," he had said, "the Forsaken are unnatural. Do they not stand against the Earthmother's will? This conflict will only bring more corruption upon us all, as the dead soldiers rise to fight again. This should not be."

The Blood Elf turned him away. She had seemed irritated by this intrusion and he understood it completely. Lordaeron was also the home of the Sin'dorei... they had every reason to fight as well. But they were once allied with the Humans, could they not find a better solution?

He had promised to remain in Hammerfall, at least for one night. He would offer only moral support to the soldiers and, naturally, what medicinal aid he could to the injured soldiers. He wished to see what would unfold here. He had traveled far - and he prayed that he had traveled the distance with a good enough reason - but perhaps the Earthmother did, indeed, have a plan for the Forsaken?


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Re: Redemption's Call (IC)

Post by Zinkle Figgins on Sat Dec 14, 2013 12:54 am

Nice, such a pity I missed you guys

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Re: Redemption's Call (IC)

Post by Thelos on Sat Dec 14, 2013 6:09 am

Excellent read; a pity I wasn't there, myself. I will look forward to any future interaction, should you decide to stick around!


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Re: Redemption's Call (IC)

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