An open letter to the Council regarding the Dark Arts

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An open letter to the Council regarding the Dark Arts

Post by Izzifix on Fri Dec 13, 2013 6:30 pm

The following letter is sent all current members of the Council of small matters, as well as posted on two Hero's Call boards in the Trade District:

Honoured councillors!

Upon reading your recent statement on the use of the Dark Magical Arts, I was overjoyed. It is obvious to me that you've reached a good decision, although it's a tragedy that it didn't happen before.

As a loyal and true citizen of the Kingdom, however, I worry. "Why should I worry?" you might ask, "We've made the Kingdom safer!". I worry, councillors, because your declaration holds little power on its own. What are words, if you don't put actual political power behind them? What are words if you really don't mean them when you say them?

The guards can handle it, some might argue, and I would love to be able to agree with them. However, The Regiment's amount of work is ever-growing, and they rarely have the opportunity to act before the crime is already done. The fact that many of their numbers have been sent north, to war, does not ease my mind. And these are not regular enemies they're battling. These are wizards, mages and warlocks who've fallen to the sweet temptation of ambition. They will stop at nothing, and with your declaration out there, their retribution will be all the more horrible. The guards may still se justice done, but what will that help the ones fallen by the sinister magicians' hands?

It is because of this I write to you, honoured councillors. I beg you to see the enormity of your declaration. I beg you to see how badly things may go. I beg you to instate a citizen's millitia until the problem is dealt with properly, only when local actors have been empowered to act as a glorious Hand of the Council can the Kingdom rest safely. Please do act now, honoured councillors, or you will regret it when you have to hire Witch Hunters later. May the Light always illumine your paths.

With concern,
Reinhard Goodwyn


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Re: An open letter to the Council regarding the Dark Arts

Post by Sohan on Tue Dec 17, 2013 2:12 pm

A letter is sent in response:
Good sir Goodwyn!

We are very much aware of this issue and we are doing everything in our power to battle these sinister magicians in the best possible way. It is indeed an interesting idea you bring forward and we will discuss the possibility of assembling a citizen's millitia as soon as possible!
May I suggest that you attend the next council session, which will take place on the 7th of January, to discuss this with us in person?

King's Honour.

Helrog Stormfire
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