[A] Looking for a Occupation [solved]

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[A] Looking for a Occupation [solved]

Post by Althaløs on Sat Nov 30, 2013 2:27 pm

I hope the day bids you all well.

I've got a character that is searching for a occupation, either stationary or not, to fill his time with and earn some money. I think I'd be open to most job offers, but there are some things that perhaps my character would not find feasible to work with.

But to note down any skills he'd have (that do not necessarily have to be involved) that may or may not be useful to what one may have in-mind:

- Alchemy
- Herbalism
- Reading, writing, etc (e.g paperwork)

I'm a casual player, and can not claim that I could be active 100% as I have other priorities, but I'd be able to log on every now and then in a week (could have me fired ICly as well, I wouldn't mind).

So if anyone has a IC need to hire someone or get a co-worker, or have something else in mind, you can give me a PM or leave a message here!


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