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Character name: Trakmar
Alias: Old Beast, Gray Wolf, Trak
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Race: Mag'hari Orc
Class: Beastmaster

Birth region: Western Blade's Edge
Specific area/town: Unnamed village
Family: Trak'grun Grimfang and Senna Lynxclaw (Grandparents, deceased), Tregar the Beast and Greka Spiritclaw (Parents, deceased), Senna (Twin sister, alive), Rokarna (Stillborn sister), Rokarna (Daughter), Krala (Daughter), Keishara (Mate, deceased), Kyrazha (mate), Shargla Thunderfang (Bloodoath sister, surrogate mother to Rokarna), Revax Hellbrew (Bloodoath brother, surrogate father to Rokarna), Grogona Wolfheart (Bloodoath sister)
Known friends or enemies: Friends: Shargla Thunderfang, Revax Hellbrew, Grogona Marshfang, Kyrazha, Mibuna, Sadok Sharptongue, Rhonya Steelheart.
Enemies: Kiro Youngblood

The first thing one may notice about Trakmar is his brown skin, a clear show of rejection of the blood pact. He stands very tall, even to Mag'hari standards, and looks more like a beast than Orc to some. The gray hair and beard tat are usually covered with mud and animalblood is a clear sign of his age - Though his shape does not seem to be torn down by age. He is able to run as far as he needs, and stands very strong. His agile build allows him to move swiftly and silently, should such be needed, but he is also more than strong enough to be able to defend himself. Claws sprout from his fingers and toes, and are actually used more for weapons that the many actual weapons Trakmar has. The yellow colour shows years of being used, and rarely being cleaned. As efficient of a tool for climbing trees as to being a weapon. His tusks are also obscenely long, even the one that's been broken in half. Usually the pelt of a very large wolf goes down his back, and its head serves as a mask. The mask has remnants of old warpaint.

Another thing of notice is his scars. His face is very much disfigured by them. The left half is covered by a burnscar that reaches to the back of his ear. From the upper right of his face, to the lower left goes four large and crude scars. His chest carries many scars from the claws and fangs of beasts as well, and his stomach looks like it might've been torn open at one point.

Trakmar is an old and stubborn Orc, with a mind that's stuck to the past. He is very traditional, and will not be easy on those who insults the old ways.

He is also extremely protective to those that he cares about, making protecting their honour worth more than his life. As for his own honour, that is something he does not care all that much about.

To Trakmar, hospitality is the greatest thing one can grant another. The permission to be allowed to stay in a village, or having another stay is a great show of kindness. Anyone who would take such for granted should be facing grave consequences in his mind.

Born in the Blade's Edge Mountains, Trakmar has been raised a hunter, and a survivor. His clan saw valued the ability to adapt and endure above honour and strength, which lives in the Orc to this day. Since he was a child, all he has known is the hunt. His clan was also great enemies of the Ogres, which have lead Trakmar to carry a great hatred for this race and become known for being an excellent slayer of Ogres.

After the downfall of his clan, Trakmar would leave for the wilds, while his twin sister, Senna lead the clan to Garadar, as the Red Pox was starting to spread. Trakmar's stay in the wilds however, was not long as he got the disease himself. Quarentined in Garadar, Trakmar also witnessed Thrall's appearence. Despite being the son of a great orc, only the green skin was enough to lack trust in the young Warchief. However, after Garrosh and the Mag'har learned the truth about Grom Hellscream, Trakmar would leave for Azeroth only a few weeks before the expedition to Northrend, to join the others of his kin. He joined the expedition to Grizzly Hills, and served the Horde well.

When Garrosh became Warchief, Trakmar would answer the drums, songs and horns of war, and join. However, eventually growing tired of the constant bloodshed, and once again hearing the call of the wilds, he ventured to wander his own path. That us, until he eventually joined the Red Blade tribe, which he served loyally, until growing to dispise its new Chieftain, and eventually left when he was relieved of his Oath.

Things you may know about this character:
Trakmar is very often accompanied by some beast, that most often being his Lynx, Bamak. A beast that Trakmar views as his most loyal and best friend, as well as a brother.
Trakmar values family and hospitality. He protects those he considers family with his life. And should he be a guest in a village, and another start an uproar, Trakmar would not hesitate to end that one, once he's taken the troublemaker outside the village.
Trakmar being stubborn, brutally honest, blunt and having a dismay for warfare often leads him to be disliked by others.

Things you may not know about this character:
He is a cannibal, though he keeps this to himself for obvious reasons.
Trakmar cares little for his own honor, as he sees honor just being a word cared into the heads of Orcs. He finds that many mistake honor for instinct.
Trakmar does at times go completely feral, a sideeffect of him having spent the majority of his life in the wilderness. When and for how long is unpredictable. This has in the past caused him to be a danger to his enemies, as well as those he would really give his life to protect.

Possible crime record:
Has in the past been accused for cannibalism and manslaughter, though both accusations were lacking evidence.

Other information:
The Horde, the Mag'har
Chaotic Neutral
Additional links:'s wiki) A collection of Trakmar's stories.[/b]

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