The Cinderbeard Clan

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The Cinderbeard Clan

Post by Izzifix on Fri Nov 22, 2013 5:20 am

Clan Cinderbeard
The Cinderbeard Clan is an old one indeed, their history traced back for almost as long as dwarves have been dwarves, and Bronzebeards have been Bronzebeards. The clan's current name, however, is several hundred years younger. According to the story, the clan was on the rise, and all bronzebeards were paying attention as the female heir to clan Cinderbeard was marrying a a young male of one of the more influent clans of the time. The Cinderbeard elders, well prepared for this political wedding to solidify their position in dwarven society threw a wedding party worthy of history. A massive longhouse was built for the occasion, wagonloads of beer were brewed and dwarves from near and far invited. As the day approached, however, the bride is having second thoughts, and to buy herself time, she would start pouring ale for her husband and the priest. Her plan, devious as it was, naturally worked, and soon enough the alcohol is flowing freely, the attending dwarves soon forgetting that the ceremony still wasn't done with. As the night fell, the elders, now drunk beyond measure themselves, sent the order for the fireworks to be launched, to truly impress their new relatives by marriage...
And as the partygoers woke up the following day, the longhouse was burnt to the ground, the groom's party gone, and many a beard was burnt to ashes. Thus the name "Cinderbeard" was born, carried by the clan dutifully ever since.

The Cinderbeard clan never again rose to any significant power or wealth, but has steadily been around for good and bad times ever since. Amongst dwarves the Cinderbeards are known as honorable and fine, but with no real ambition and few talents.

Current position:
Over the course of the last few hundred years, the once numerous clan has started dwindling, many clansmen married off, many a warrior dying in combat, many a mechanic dying in freak accidents, testing their latest inventions to regain the clan's honor.

For a near a hundred years, the previous matriarch ran the clan with an iron hand, until her recent death. At her death, she appointed her 4 year old grand-daughter to become the new matriarch instead of her daughter, and her nephew, Berahnek to run the clan in her place until she comes of age. While quite a few dwarves reacted against the fact that in fact, a man would be running the clan for the next decades, most protest were stilled by looking at the mental achievements of the clan's few other women, with intelligence like a crossbreed of Hozen and ogres.

Nowadays most Cinderbeard clansmen keep a low profile and live quite ordinary lives, despite more and more often introducing themselves as Bronzebeards.


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