[IC] Four Tenants of Faith

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[IC] Four Tenants of Faith

Post by Thelos on Wed Nov 20, 2013 2:05 am

The following pamphlet is being spread with callous zeal troughout Stormwind. Trough the bulk of these papers would be found in the Cathedral Square, where they were released; no doubt these bugged have been drifting in the wind like the litter they are and have by now reached every filthy nook and trashy cranny Stormwind's got.

Mantra of Education
Chant ten times before reading.
Chan ten times after.

Let the Studies that we together undertake be effulgent;
Let there be no Animosity amongst us;
Peace, Peace, Peace;

By the Naaru, may it be so.

Four Tenants of Faith

The Holy Light is the holiest of holies and the only Divinity worthy of worship; worship of any other divinities is folly and blasphemy.
While the Naaruvada accept the existance of other Gods, they call the divinity of said Gods in question. Gods like the Titans and the Old Gods might be powerful beings indeed, but they are not Divine in the way the Holy Light is; worship of demons, spirits or even the and any other supposed divinities – including, in a sense, the Naaru themselves - is to be regarded as idolatry and should be shunned. This does not mean that particular priesthoods of other divinities cannot in themselves achieve good; individual religions might preach values that are similar to those our Inner Light reveals to us; but it is by the Light-blessedness and only trough the Light-blessedness of these teachings that they obtain their value. If a religion preaches the same values of the Light, it is good; if it contradicts the Light, it will be wicked.

The Holy Light exists as a spark of Inner Light in every natural-born creature; faint and distant at first, but growing in strength as it is nourished by good deeds and pure thoughts; and weakening with every wicked deeds and evil thought.This process is sometimes called 'The Sacred Wheel of Deed and Thought'; for every good deed or thought, the Light becomes easier to hear; and when the Light is easier to hear, it will become easier to perform good deeds and think pure thoughts. The wheel can likewise be spun in the other direction towards Damnation: with every wicked deed or corrupt thought, it becomes harder to hear the Light; and the harder it is to hear the Light, the harder it will to act righteously and think pure thoughts. Seek out your local Anchorites who can assess in which direction the wheel is spinning.

Since every soul is by nature inclined to do good, it is only by corruption by the forces of Darkness that Its divine access to its Inner Light can be disturbed and perverted. Trough practices of faith – both martial and spiritual – it is possible to clear the soul of its hindrances and restore the unperturbed natural connection it was with the Light.
The Naaruvada acknowledges five such distinct Hindrances (Desire, Anger, Restlessness, Apathy and Doubt) each with their corresponding unique rites of purification. Seek out an Anchorite for further instruction on how to discover which burdens hinder your access to the Light and how to best purify them.

The battle against the forces of Darkness is fought on two fronts; as the Light's chosen Vindicators battle Its physical manifestations trough martial strength, so the Anchorites battle its spiritual incarnations in mental and physical planes, trough education and prayer. Therefore, the true Champion wields two weapons: the Hammer and the Book.
Warriors of the Light who fight Demons and other enemies of the Faith are commonly called 'Paladins' by the humans and 'Vindicators' by the draenei. Though vindicators are indeed the paragons of faith and beacons of inspiration and hope on the battlefield – holding its banner proudly aloft – they are not the only warriors of the Light. Any who take up arms for a righteous and selfless cause fight with the blessing and zeal of the Light in their hearts.
Likewise, preaches and guru's who educate the populace on spiritual matters and perform the important rituals are commonly called 'Priests' by humans and 'Anchorites' by draenei. Though the anchorites take charge of spiritual matters, they stand not alone; from the layman masses and the lowly initiates to the elder keepers of the Faith, it is the responsibility of all members of the community to keep the populace pious and true to the tenets of Faith. If the Anchorites are the generals that lead the soldiers onto the spiritual field of battle against the Darkness, then you – the general populace – are the soldiers.

This pamphlet was written by Exarch Huruma of the Naaruvada for purposes of the spiritual education of the populace of Stormwind and other Common-speaking areas. For further information, confessions or purification rituals, seek out a Naaruvada Anchorite at your local-most Naaruvada site – the closest being the Cathedral of Light.

Thank you and may the Light grant you wisdom.

-Exarch Huruma

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Re: [IC] Four Tenants of Faith

Post by Tantzui on Wed Nov 20, 2013 3:49 am

This is brilliant! sunny 

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Re: [IC] Four Tenants of Faith

Post by Seranita on Wed Nov 20, 2013 5:39 am

*blinks as she picks up one of the leaflets.. she reads it slowly before her eyes widen a little.. she looks around to the swarm of pamphlets and decided to hide in the town hall for a while*"those humans wont like this.."

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Re: [IC] Four Tenants of Faith

Post by erwtenpeller on Wed Nov 20, 2013 6:45 am

News of a new Exarch of the Naaruvada order spreads through the Aldor Rise. Brought forth without warning, chosen by divine fate. When Vrachos hears the news, he is working over a forge, repairing a pair of hedge-trimmers in the lower city.

"It looks like he will have some mighty big hooves to fill, Ho ho ho!"

And with a jolly chuckle, Vrachos books himself a one-way portal trip to Stormwind.

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Re: [IC] Four Tenants of Faith

Post by Trinix on Wed Nov 20, 2013 8:30 am

*Valeni hands the fruit vendor of Lower City a payment for an apple and nods in gratitude. She peers over at a few draenei talking about the latest news about Naaruvada.*

''Light bless. Seems I'll pay a visit to Stormwind for some guidance.''

*She holds the apple to a draenei child running about and smiles before she makes her way to the portals.*

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Re: [IC] Four Tenants of Faith

Post by Littlepip on Wed Nov 20, 2013 9:12 am

Thorvald is sitting down on the old Freelancers bridge fishing as the good old days, his beard has grown long and gained a little gray in it, he closes his eyes as the warm sun shines down on Stormwind, untouched by the winter as always.

"Here, you should read this."

Thorvald looks up at a women dressed in black, she quickly turns around and walks away, as she wanders of in the distance he sees a small tail sticking out under the robes and he shakes his head slowly.
He picks up the paper and reads trough it quickly, however before he can respond to it he notice he got something on the hook and he start fighting for it.
Meanwhile the paper slowly falls into the water below him.

'That was interesting.. Didn't think you were into those kind of things anymore.' says the voice in his head.

"Shut up." says Thorvald, ending the conversation and pulling up a giant Tuna.

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Re: [IC] Four Tenants of Faith

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