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Post by Cathee Piner on Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:59 am

Welcome. This is the Looking for Roleplay section. This section is purely for if you are looking for aid in your roleplay one way or the other. This can include you have made a new character and looking for aid to make her background story. Perhaps the character needs relatives? Or you simply want help to include her in some already existing story of the past. Also you can look for aid here when you are planning events, perhaps your Hordie needs sacrifices for some scary cult session? Or you need a Barmaid in your newly made Bar.

How to post!
This is important so that it will first of all keep clean, second so that people can help you out accordingly due to faction. When you write a topic, before the topic you write six different things depending on what you are looking for.


[A], means that you are Alliance, and look for Alliance aid purely.
[H], means you are Horde, seeking only Horde aid.
[A-H], you are Alliance, seeking purely Horde aid.
[H-A], Horde in need of Alliance aid only.
[A-H*], is an indication for Alliance that need Horde aid, but also Alliance aid.
[H-A*], means you are Horde, in need of Alliance as well as Horde aid.

When you have found the aid you needed!
Edit the post title and put CLOSED before all of the text so that a Moderator can move the post, keeping the board as clean as possible.

In game: Ask for RealID if it is needed.
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