Defense of Domination

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Defense of Domination

Post by Visceril on Wed Nov 06, 2013 1:33 pm

It was a warm evening and the beaches of the wilds of Krasarang had the stain of blood
from the ever ongoing battle. Shademaster Kiryn nodded toward the awaiting courier, the
mounted Orc snapped the chained reins of his wolf-mount and rode of into the forests of
Krasarang. 2 days later the letter arrived at The Hilt within The Undercity.

"Intel has revealed that an attack is imminent, it was only a matter of time since the
downfall of Hellscream. The Goblins of Bilgewater Battallion have scouted the beaches
surrounding Lions Landing and they've witnessed the arrival of 3 gnomish submersible war
machines and being preped for something big. With the recent division of Kor'kron soldiers
and the Horde as a whole we need aid in the defense of Domination Point...

Shadows Protect

OOC: Vile Thorn will be in Domination Point for a few days helping clean the beach up,
so if any Horde would like to randomly RP with us then please do so. Same for any Alliance
guilds or individuals as we are open to small scale skirmishes.

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Re: Defense of Domination

Post by Zinkle Figgins on Thu Nov 07, 2013 8:11 am

As you know we have some plots going on right now, but I'll definitely tag along if I can
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