Shargla ''Howler'' Thunderfang

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Shargla ''Howler'' Thunderfang

Post by Trinix on Wed Nov 06, 2013 6:57 am

Character name: Shargla ''Howler'' Thunderfang
Alias: None
Gender: Female
Age: 35
Race: Orc
Class: Shaman  Seer

Birth region: Draenor
Specific area/town: Nagrand
Clan: Warsong Clan
Family: Kalea Spirit-Dreamer (Grandmother, deceased) Kalargh Vilemaul (Younger Brother, deceased) Revax Hellbrew (mate, father of Raigoz) Raigoz the siegeborne (newborn son) Grogona Marshfang (Bloodoath sister) Trakmar Bearclaw (Bloodoath brother)
Known friends or enemies: Shargla comes along with mostly everyone and doesn't have significant enemies.

Description: Shargla is taller than an average female orc. She has a good, military'ish posture and she is a lot stronger than she looks. Long, dark red hair with couple black stripes. Green skin with some old burn marks. She has a thin scar from her chest to her navel and same kind of scar on her back. Amber eyes with a red, fiery tint. Her ears are heavily pierced and she has a silver ring on her left eyebrow. Wears a set of old spirit beads around her neck. Has small bone pieces hanging on her leather skirt, making a soft rattling noise as she moves. She carries around numerous small leather pouches, herbs and vials on her belt. Also carries around a reinforced letter satchel, a carved red demon horn and a ceramic bottle with wolves painted on it. She wears bandages around her arms and chest. She smells strongly of poisons.

Personality: Shargla is much like her primary element, fire. She is mostly kind, warm and polite but can easily turn fierce and destructive, a force you must handle with care. She is passionate about the things she believes in and represents.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

History: Born to the Warsong Clan in Draenor and raised as a warlock by the choise of her elder and the approval of her parents. After her parents died, she and her younger brother were taken in and raised by her grandmother who, strongly against the fel, decided to train them as proper, traditional shamans. Like most orcs, she along with the remains of her family were slaved by the human race. She managed to escape along with her brother and joined Thrall, becoming a soldier of The Horde. She had many assignments and also resided in Agmar's Hammer during the Wrathgate insident. After this she was brutally murdered by her brother wich leaded to a complicated spiritual events that were eventually solved by the help of Elder Nazrug and several other shamans. Shargla became the apprentice of Elder Nazrug, the Seer. She became the mate of Kogren, Warbringer of the Warsong Blades. Kogren were found out to be a traitor to Horde, an infiltrator of the Twilight Hammer. He escaped. After Cataclysm burst out, Shargla was seen to be involved in a kidnap and torture of a fellow Warsong Blade. Later on it was found out she was under a charm made by Kogren. Kogren was found and slain and Shargla travelled to Outlands for spiritual guidance. She has since returned to Azeroth and joined the Orcs of The Red Blade.

History from this forward in details can be read here: Wiki
Small stories and writings can be read from Tales of Thunderfang

Things you may know about this character: Shargla is an Alchemist, a mender, a seer and well versatile in Common and Gutterspeak. She also likes to drink often.
Things you may not know about this character: Shargla has a dark and misty past that involves Forsaken.
Possible crime record: -

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