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Hello, My name is Tor Alexander Sæther but for the good of all call me Thorvald, I have been posting on this server for a very good while now and always enjoy a conversation about creative ideas, religion or pretty much anything, so if you ever feel lonely, want to talk or even want an argument just send me a PM.

My native language is Norwegian meaning I'm from Norway.. Or the North way as it used to be called.
I study Northern Mythology as a hobby and I also worship them instead of the Christian God, yeah I know, call me whatever you want but I still won't change my meaning and what I stand for. I'm a stubborn man born under the star sign of the Capricorn.
I don't do regular exercise or work my brain off, I am a relaxed person that never tells a lie, never smoke or Snus, for those wondering that is something the Scandinavians put in their lips because it tastes good.. Its sort of like smoking.

The first server I played on that I can remember was Saurfang, it is no roleplay on it and has a low population now a days, however that's were I started playing wow the first time as I can remember, I didn't like it much, it was boring and I couldn't see the point of continuing playing this game. I were just about to quit the game when my step-brother told me about this awesome server called Defias Brotherhood, filled with polite players, good writers and.. Roleplayers.

At first I thought it was silly, if you had seen what I had seen on YouTube you would completely understand why, so much silliness. However I decided to join it for the sake of my brother, since I thought we could finally play with each other.
Immediately after I joined the server I created a Dwarf named Ploppy, he is now known as Bavragor Stormbrew. (I'll talk about him later.) As soon as I leveled up to ten / 10 I went to Ironforge to check if I found any dwarfs there..

In Ironforge I stumble across a huge bunch of dwarfs that is holding one of their arguments outs loud in front of the public, I decided to join in and check out what all the ruff was about, never could I know that would lead me to my destiny as a roleplayer of Defias Brotherhood. If I knew who it was showing me this wonderful world of Roleplay I would give both of them the bigest and hairiest dwarf hug in the history of WoW.

Anyway one thing lead to the next and all of a sudden I meet Dorik who invited me into the very inactive guild of The Three Hammers. I became a mountaineer and was sent up along with Gilran, (The old Guild leader.) In the Easter and western plaguelands I meet my best friends in Wow. Allonia, Raenmar, Rosieanna, Mal, Zalon and a bunch of other idiots. Very Happy 

Sadly the epic adventure didn't last long so I went down to the south were I so meet the Blades for hire and Feral, he followed me into Duskwood and we did some crazy stuff that should be dug down and forgotten forever, we became good friends tho.
I created a deaf and/or blind worgen.. Didn't work out well. However wile I was down south I managed to free Skarain as Bavragor so thats a pluss!

Then I created a character well known in the Freelancers known as Thorvald Silverlight, my current main character any were else then the plaguelands, if someone ever travels there I take Bavragor with them instead because its always fun with a dwarf killing the undead.

In the Freelancers I became good friend with many people, mainly Manderson, Allonia, Tinitha Shadow, Siegmund Shadow (Not related.) another Night elf I can't remember right now and a few others.
Together we went all over the world and explored, in Northrend I became a friend.. or something to Inran.

While I was in the Freelancers I also created Maria / Martha which was my main character for a very long time.. I can only say that I will never even talk about her again, craziest thing ever, if you ever decide to use shadow magic then I advice you to think deeply trough it first, its really difficult.

After a few months I went back to Thorvald and ever since he has been my favorite character.

This became more like a self Biography but I liked writing about my self for once, good to get it out for the rest of you! Very Happy

[A](Littlepip)Littlepip {Azure Flame} An elven mage under the tutelage of Skarain.
[A](Ploppy)Bavragor Stormbrew {Mountaineer} Deceased.
[H](Ríno)Rino Peddlebuttons {Flying Bolts} A cliché Goblin.
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"The human species are all unified under one glorious rule, unspoken, short and sweet.. Don't be a Dick."

- Me.

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