Sarthia Lighrunner

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Sarthia Lighrunner

Post by Charlie Blazesong on Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:58 am

Character name:
Sarthia Lighrunner
between 300-400

Birth region:
Eversong Woods
Specific area/town:
Small house in the forest
Unnamed sister Lightrunner, later Lightspire (tossed out of the family shortly after Sarthias birth presumed dead)
Son: Heir'tar "Charlie" Lightrunner (Alliance Quel'dorei)
Niece: Quilathe Lightspire(unknown)
Grand Niece: Ryla Lightspire, former Nasheli Darkchaser(unknown)
Known friends or enemies:

Her hair is very light blond and have a very slim body.
She follows family tradition and would not think much or simply ignore anyone within her family that has given birth to a half elf. To most others she will most likely come off as nice and warm. She is sceptical to most other Horde races due to their previous exploits and her fathers death after a brutal Amani troll raid a few hundred years back.
She was born in Eversong Woods a warm summerday, where she spent most of her early years. At an early age her already adult sister got tossed out of the family for having a Half Elf son with a man from Lordaeron. Her family was strict in that manner and it rubbed off on her as she still continues the family tradition in never giving birth or raising anything but Quel'dorei. After a good few years she met Lern'ael Blazesong, they would be together for a few months until two weeks after she told him she was pregnant he left and was never heard from again. She therefore brought her son up alone and had little time alone making sure she would bring her son up right. During the Scourges assault on Quel'thalas she and her son got separated and she went out searching for him quickly after the Sin'dorei withdrew from the Alliance. She searched for him for a good few years before she had almost given up all hope and joined the Reliquary. She eventually found her son but he did not come with her back to Silvermoon
Things you may know about this character:
She can be seductive at times
Her son as she at times talks about him nonstop
Things you may not know about this character:
That she is in family with the Lightspires
Possible crime record:

Other information: Write here
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