Thawon Phoenixstrider

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Thawon Phoenixstrider

Post by Thawon on Mon Nov 04, 2013 8:36 am

Character name: Thawon Phoenixstrider
Alias: None
Gender: Male
Age: 251
Race: Sin'dorei
Class: Paladin

Birth region: Eversong Forest
Specific area/town: Phoenixstrider Manor, south of Silvermoon
Family: Irmil Sol'ius (Wife), Kalydor Phoenixstrider (Cousin), Kalendrya Phoenixstrider (Cousin)
Known friends: Sulfarius Wrathiagon, Allorize Sunriver, Rifus Sunbreeze, Jack Vincel, Maradia K. Meadows, Varanil Sinfuriel, Nalia Sun'mourne, Dareil D. Sinvalor, Morrigin Kairen, Aeryeris Everdawn, Dalanor Sindal
Known enemies: Artelium Phoenixstrider, Todd Vanblack, Lazarian Sorrowbreeze, Lindex Talbelore, Noctillian Felsun, Berthold Felgrave, Ferraina Sun'mourne

Description: Thawon Phoenixstrider is a tall and proud elf. He used to be muscular with blonde, almost golden hair. However, those who have known him for a while would notice that he has undergone a few changes during the past few months. He is much thinner nowadays and his blonde hair has turned white. This is due to a curse placed upon him which almost took his life. Despite losing much of his physical strength, his face is still strong.

Thawon is often dressed in expensive clothes in gold, red and black. His attire mixes plate and fine fabrics to create a noble and impressive armor. Beneath it, Thawon is carrying several scars of battle. The one that stands out the most is a deep cut across his chest, which he received during a duel to the death with his brother, Artelium Phoenixstrider. On his back, Thawon usually wears a sword passed down from house leader to house leader and which was originally owned by the founder - Eladriendel Phoenixstrider.

Personality: Most times, Thawon is friendly and polite. He sees himself as diplomatic and seldom judge others before getting to know them. Thawon is the head of the Phoenixstrider family, and he is a just leader. He values loyality and family over anything else. He is usually open to meeting new people and will try and help those in need. He is a member of the Silvermoon Council where his ambitions lies in doing what is best for his home town and its people.

History: The history of the Phoenixstrider family is a tragic one. 240 years ago, Thawon's brother slaughtered the noble house in an act of madness after being corrupted by his mentor. Since he was ten years old, Thawon lived in hiding, on the run from his brother. When he finally returned to Silvermoon to take revenge and restore his family, Thawon uncovered the dark secrets that lied behind his brothers actions. Thawon is now working to secure the Phoenixstrider House among the noble families of Silvermoon.

Things you may not know about this character: Being the son of a Magister, Thawon was originally meant to study arcane. However, since the house fell before his studies began, he never learned how to master the art. Instead, he was taught how to use the light from Irmil, the girl who followed him when he fled from Silvermoon.

Possible crime record: None

Other information: Thawon writes a journal of the adventures of his house. It can be read at

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