The great Desert.

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The great Desert.

Post by Littlepip on Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:05 am

A man is traversing over the sandy dunes of the desert Tanaris, the huge hooded man dressed in white thin clothing carrying nothing but a large backpack filled with water and food to last him for several days. The sun above him shines down from the clear blue sky and down upon the man, it is so hot right now he could cook an egg on his forehead if he so wished.
Suddenly the man stumbles over something and slides down one of the three meter tall dunes, sliding down the sand like it was snow. Finally as he start reaching the bottom he slows down and gets back onto his feet, he turns around and looks up at what he stumbled over.
Its a stone hand reaching up from the sand, holding a something that looked like a scepter, or maybe its a large key?
It doesn't matter what it is, the man quickly scales the dune and quickly start digging into the sand with his bare hand. He continues with this action until late at night after that he stops, having recovered the statue from the sand.
It looked like some kind of Tiger humanoid, his right hand was holding up the scepter while the left was gone, taken by the tooth of time.

After thinking a moment he decided to write down the location on his map and go back to Steemweedle port to report to his superiors.

Later that week a bunch of posters reaches Orgrimar and Stormwind.

Do you wish to become famous, Gaining glory and honor for your family and yourself, or perhaps you wish to fill your pockets with gold?
Well then sign up for the Exploration of the newly uncovered land we have named Uldum!
The land is said to contain gold  and riches beyond your wildest imagination, the possibilities are endless!
If you wish to join the epic journey to Uldum then meet up in Steamweedle port in Tanaris.
For anyone curious, this is the beginning of an event down in the Tanaris and Uldum desert, I'm not sure how to lead it just yet but its coming to me soon enough!
I can't say what will happen down there except there might be some [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] jokes.

Edit: Title. I had to, Gruff.

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Re: The great Desert.

Post by Allonia_Miral on Sat Nov 02, 2013 8:20 am

((Yum desserts.

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On a non-funny point, will be interesting to see what this turns into.))

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