Vacancy - Calling all leading academics

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Vacancy - Calling all leading academics

Post by Nathaira on Tue Oct 29, 2013 10:48 am

*This poster would be distributed to all the major cities*

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By decree of the Fellows of the College of Revenants, The College once more invites applications for the positions of Professor and Distinguished Visiting Professor.

Candidates who wish to put themselves forward should have experience of teaching their discipline at beginner and advanced level.

For the permanent position of College Professor, you will enhance the existing team by developing and delivering research led and practical teaching. This entails undertaking, publishing and disseminating high quality research outputs in an area related to your field of expertise and by supervising students. You must also be able to lead expeditions with a mixed variety of students and disciplines. For those applying with a military background it is also advised that you have experience of leading platoons or security teams.

For the position of Visiting Professor, we seek exceptional senior scholars from other institutions who can contribute to and enrich the community's intellectual and research endeavours and cross-continent projection. We envisage this will take the form of delivering guest lectures and/or undertaking collaborative research with the College colloquiums.  
Interviews will take the form of trial lectures and peer and individual assessment of ability.

Benefits include an excellent salary and all required resources and research materials provided. You also gain exclusive access to the world famous archives and reference section of the College Library.

Enquires for these positions should be directed by missive to the Custodian or by approaching a member of staff from the College of Revenants.

This is both in seeking officers for the College but also to encourage guilds to interact with us and strengthen each other as a community. We are hoping to create a situation where we come and give workshops and lectures to you, and you come and give workshops and lectures to us. We also just want to create events and through the interview process we hope to stimulate a lot of interesting RP.

For those wishing to join the College itself at this ranking or are already part of the College and wishing to advance to officer level, there is an addendum to the recruitment thread above. As well as understanding the “academic” requirements of the College, applicants must prove to have a certain amount of loyalty and understanding for our actual purpose, namely the covert surveillance of the enemies of the Horde or the Dark Lady, and can be trusted to perform such actions in accordance.  This will become apparent when interviewed by the Fellows.  You must also be prepared to interact with our community both in game and on our online forum.

This is stage one of what I hope to become a much larger endeavour! If you are interested please do not hesitate to reply here, send a PM or contact me or the College in game.

Many thanks for reading!

Best Nath

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