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A few words before you read the story: Not sure if this will make much sense unless you know the characters. Sarthia is like most of her family was, very strict when it comes to who to have children with. That means if anyone in her family were breeding with a human he or she would get tossed out of the family or worse. I am open for criticism and if I misspelt a word or two just tell me and I'll fix it. Also, thanks to Allonia for helping me with the title. Nothing of this has happened yet but it will quite soon, whenever it makes sense for both characters.

and storytime:

Heir’tar sat at a table, Booty Bay wasn’t too nice but atleast he wouldn’t have to worry about anyone finding him here. There were someone inside here he had taken interest in though, her eyes were bright green as one would expect of a Blood Elf. Her robe was blood red with some golden decorations, just as you’d expect from them. She was different though, he couldn’t put his finger on it but he felt like he had seen her before, somewhere. The mix of goblins, orcs and even human pirates were walking through not paying much heed to the High Elf with the low sitting hat. He kept studying her from a distance, still not able to figure out where. Jim had left long ago, probably looking for fruits on the ground in the jungle or something. She had a nice figure, her hair blond almost white. She had been drinking quite heavily the past hour. He set his eyes on her the moment he entered, she already looked quite drunk then.

Suddenly she turned, Heir put his hat even lower hoping she wouldn’t notice that he had looked at her the entire time. She came closer, he could see her face now. It couldn’t possibly be her. “Heir?” He froze, it was her. After all this time, he thought she had died during the Scourge assault. He blinked several times trying to hold back a tear, he hadn’t felt this way since the assault on Tiragarde Keep where Jim almost died.  The people inside had taken taken interest, they were now looking at the two. It was all silent, almost too silent. “here is not the place to talk.” He said with a trembling voice. He put some coins on the table before adjusting his hat walking out. It was a clear night, Booty Bay was dark yet he could see it all.  After some time she came out aswell, it was clear she was crying. Her tears reflected in the moonshine. It was strange, the silence that suddenly came out of nowhere, he studied her face, her nose. It was all like he remembered her, except for the slightly bleaker skin-colour and eyes ofcourse.

Minutes must have passed before he carefully opened his mouth. “Minn’da?” his voice was shaking and full of emotion, he didn’t know what to say. It had been such a long time. He was certain she were dead. “Yes, my son. I have been around the world looking for you.” She sounded calm though her face was full of emotion. “I thought you were dead.” He replied, he couldn’t keep back the tears anymore. It was tears of joy. She came closer to him and hugged him tightly, just as she used to way back to comfort him, still as soft and warming as he remembered.  “Come back with me to Silvermoon.” It didn’t sound like a suggestion at all, it was a controlling voice. Almost an order. “No, I cant” Was all he could force out. He still had three mouths to feed back in Stormwind, nor would his aunt approve of this. The look on her face, she was disappointed. Her eyebrows were vibrating lightly. She kept blinking. “Why? You don’t need to feed, why cant you come with me? I can talk to Gnivil, he can get you a job. “I.. I just cant, I have three mouths to feed in Stormwind. They need me mum.” His voice was still trembling with a hint of fear. “Who are these people then? Have you found a mate in Stormwind?” Her mood changed again, She looked hopeful now. The vibrating in her eyebrows had stopped. He didn’t know what to say, he just stood there with an open mouth. “You found a human didn’t you? What have I told you? There are enough halflings running rampant as it is.” It was all so strange, she looked almost mad now.

“Thr.- three orphans, human.” She rolled her eyes, voice full of disappointment. “Heir’tar, it is good you are a responsible young man but you cannot be serious about this? Why don’t you take them to the orphanage besides, you are far too young to be a parent. Laughter could be heard from the inside. “What is this some joke? Heir’tar, you are a lightrunner. We don’t bring up anything but elves. You know this.” It was his mother alright, always in control. “Listen mum, I am not a child anymore. I have grown, there is no need for you to boss me around anymore. I can visit but that’s it, I will not stand behind Lor’themar or the Horde because you say so.” “Very well then.” She walked back inside hardly even bothering to put her feet above the planks she walked on. He could hear her sobbing.  It was too much for him to walk back in, he walked out and started his journey back to Stormwind.
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