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Rhiga Ragemaul

Post by Trinix on Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:52 am

Character name: Rhiga Ragemaul (Rhiga/Rhíga)
Alias: Korgra Shadoweye
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Race: Orc
Class: Necrolyte / Assassin

Birth region: Unknown
Specific area/town: -
Family:   Ragai Fiercetusk (adoptive mother, deceased) Gramok Felhowl (Adoptive father, deceased) Marvok Silentstrike (Brother, deceased) Melli Annos (Bloodoath sister, half-elf) Goru Swiftblade (Former mate/bloodoath sister) Troxigar Stormaxe (Bloodoath brother), Caruk Blackblade (symbiotic), Threkna Bloodrender (bloodoath sister)
Known friends or enemies:
Friends: Togarn Foulmaw, Threkna Bloodrender, Melli Annos, Caruk Blackblade, Mozrogg Doomhowl
Enemies: Has no significant enemies, but is disliked by most.
Alignment: Neutral Evil

Description: Rhiga is taller than most orcs and her body type is agile. Her hair is raven black and is adorned with small bone pieces and feathers. Wooden beads with various fangs and claws hang around her neck. She wears a gadget lens over her right eye, covering her mechanised eyeball. Her form carries many scars and the most visible ones are the clawing scars on her cheeks. Her hands and neck have runes tattooed all over them and her lower back has a tattoo of a ritual circle.

She is always carrying on her belt three smaller leather pouches, two titanium reinforced, runed blades and a self made dagger with a wooden, runed handle. She also has a large black tome tied securely to her belt. Has a wolf's head pendant, seamed together from the middle and a small vial with grey powder in it hanging on her belt.

Personality: Rhiga is cunning, secretive and temperamentic, causing her to easily get into trouble. She reaches mostly for her own goals, but prefers to not harm the innocent. She is loyal mostly to herself and shows loyalty to others if it benefits her. She has only few friends but she defends and protects them fiercely since they have earned her trust. She is a coldblooded and sadistic killer but has a soft side she rarely shows.

History: There is no memory of the actual birthplace of Rhiga. Her parents separated her and her brother Marvok at very young age to two different orphanages. She grew in her orphanage untill she was adopted to a mercenary couple, Ragai Fiercetusk(mother) and Gramok Felhowl(father). She was about fifteen years old when her adoptive parents died. She was wandering alone as a mercenary, specialising in assassination, infiltration and demon hunting.

After that Rhiga has been working years as a mercenary. A few years ago she decided to track down her brother Marvok Silentstrike and it lead her to join the Orcs of the Red Blade. After finally uniting with her brother, he was soon sentenced to death for working for Kor'kron and sabotaging the Red Blade Tribe. Rhiga stayed with the Tribe and has been running with them ever since untill she recently was exiled from the tribe because of Child-Killing.

You can find stories from here: Rhiga's Tome of Thoughts
Personal Wiki: Wiki: Rhiga Ragemaul

Things you may know about this character: Was an Oathbound of the Red Blade Tribe, now Exile. Has accidentally shot Warcaller Hikka Redeye (Shatterskull Marauders) to the shoulder. Practises Blood Magic.
Things you may not know about this character: Secrets. Dirty secrets.
Possible crime record:
Under the name Rhiga Ragemaul: Accidentally killed the hostages as well while attacking an enemy group during a mission in Azshara. ((This resulted in the legendary quote: ''Um.... oops?'')), Has committed child-killing and exiled from the Red Blade Tribe for it.
Under the name Korgra Shadoweye: Well known underground assassin that has killed hundrets that had either a bounty or a hit on their head.
Other information:

(picture) Rhiga as she is now:

(picture) Waking up:

(picture) Blood magic rituals:

(picture) Rhiga having unhealthy time:

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