Diary of Joran Serentyne

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Diary of Joran Serentyne

Post by Swan Emperor Arenfel on Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:37 am

The Journey to Dalaran

First Entry

Dear diary,

I always thought writing a diary was for girls, it seemed stupid. Father said that. He said a lot of things were stupid, but my father isn't here right now.

I feel safer now.

The big-bellied mage told me to keep a diary, said it would help... doesn't feel like it's helping.

We're passing Lakeshire today, I can't even see the manor any more.

... I feel even safer now, I won't admit it to him, but I'm really happy the fat wizard is taking me to Daralan Dalaran.

Second Entry

Dear diary,

It's been a week since I first wrote in the book the big-belly wizard gave me... his name is Koren, I should call him that. We're in Elwynn.

It looks really nice, we stopped at a town to re-fuel. Koren bought me dinner, an actual dinner! It was amazing! Father never let me have bacon, or sausage, or egg. Toast with butter! It tasted so good, I asked for seconds but he told me to wait a while before I ate again.

... that's not fair, he eats a lot more than I do!

Seventh Entry

Dear diary,

Koren said we're close to Stormwind now. Apparently there's a place called the "Wizard's Sanctum", it's going to take us to Dalaran!

Last night we stopped in Goldshire, there was some kind of show on. The Dark Moon Fair... ? I think that was it, he called it that, Koren did. There were people with burning sticks, two, they were throwing them at each other! It had to be magic, but Koren told me it wasn't. Then a man set up two massive posts between the barn houses some twenty feet up, he said it was twenty, then walked across a thread way smaller than his feet!

Apparently people can do these things without needing the arcane? Father always told me people who couldn't use magic were useless, but these people were amazing!

I don't want to go back to father.

Ninth Entry

WE'RE IN DALARAN, ITS SOOO AMZIIJNG. I'm so excitted rigthg now I cant abraluy right!

RWweeril wroittite soon! Thisiaa girl called Aloororah is going to show me arrround!

And wereww gfoing to ahave tosmehting caaled "icea creeaafgm".

The Childhood of a Mage Boy Who Wanted to be a Knight

Twelfth Entry

Dear diary,

I have been in Dalaran for a week, so I'm not as excited now. Don't get me wrong, it's still amazing! I just mean that I've calmed down enough, I'm not writing silly scribbles instead of words now.

Koren made me throw the ninth entry out, apparently I accidentily scribbled down the arcadnic arracabic arcane formula for a fireball spell. That would of been bad, I really like this book. Oh! Books!

Koren said he's an archmage, that means he gets all these really nice looking tomes and books from the library for free! He gave me lots of them, said they were mine to keep. Actually I think I'll stop writing now... I'm in the middle of a book right now, started writing to take a break! Bye!

Fourteenth Entry

Dear diary,

I finished the third book Koren gave me. It was a story book, really nicely written I want to read it again when I'm older... maybe if I become a really good mage I can pass the book down to my student! What happens if I have lots of students? THERE'S ONLY ONE BOOK! Uh, maybe I can copy it with magic. Koren did that with his morning toast so he had two because he couldn't decide if he wanted jam or marmalade, I can do the same to a book right?

Where was I... oh yeah, books! It's called the Azure Knight of the Southwinds! It's about this really cool magical swordsman who wants to do good with the arcane, so he uses armour instead of a robe; and wields a magical sword instead of a wand or a staff! His name was Arenfel, he traveled all over the world saving people! In chapter five he takes on a squire, they go and save a town from a horde of imps who are trying to burn up their grain.

I don't like imps. I like Arenfel though, if he's... kiiiiindofa mage then I want to be like him when I'm a real mage!

Oh, Koren's coming gotta get to bed!

Seventeenth Entry

I don't know if I like it here.

My father... people here know him, they say he's more of a monster than a mage. I don't like my father either, but... monster is a really bad thing to say about somebody isn't it?

A group of children by the library found out I was his son. I tried talking to them, they just went away from me. One of their parents gave me a dirty look and whispered to their son, but they were still loud enough to hear.

"Be careful. He's a Serentyne, they're dangerous. Let's find somewhere else to play".

... I hate my stupid name, I'm not dangerous.

Eighteenth Entry

I met Alorah again today. She's really pretty, and smart, and a bit... strange. Apparently she's an elf? That means she's good at magic and she'll be a lot older than me, but she's only a little bit taller than me right now!

I told her about the other boys at the library and what their mother said about my name, she laughed and told me I couldn't hurt a fly! I could so! I know lots of spells! I know how to make fire, kind of. I know how to conjure a dagger, even if it's a bit lofty. Oh and I know how to conjure up really nice lemonade, I could throw that in someone's eye! That would hurt them, hurt a fly too!

... she told me she's a noble, I think somebody said I was a noble when I was still with my father. Apparently it means people expect a lot of you and you're more important than everybody else, but we don't think that's right. Koren isn't a noble, he's really powerful!

Me and Alorah talked a lot about books, so I told her about the Southwinds. She said if I worked hard enough I could be like Arenfel! I'll need a sword first, oh and some nice shiny armour.


Joran's Journal: Entry One

Dear diary,

Force of habit, I've recently exhausted the pages of my coveted childhood diary. Koren gave it to me as a present when we left my Lord Father's manse, so that I would have a document of my travels to reflect on in later life. Since then many event have transpired, the most important of which is the reason for my transition to this new leatherbound journal.

As of today, I am officially an apprentice to Archmage Rainsworth of the Kirin-Tor, or Koren the Fat Wizard as I used to call him. He has tutored me in the arcane, to make up for the loss of time that resulted from my father's more brutal teachings. Amusingly my father wanted me to specialize in magic that could hurt, maim and kill. Instead, Koren discovered I have a natural predisposition to the school of Abjuration. The power to create shields, wards and barriers in order to deflect harm.

My first formal lesson as an Apprentice will begin in an hour, I should put the journal away for now to prepare. I'll jot down my to do list bellow, to ensure I do not forget.

  • Brush Teeth
  • Wash Hair
  • Smooth Out Robe
  • Charge Staff
  • Pack Food
  • Pack Research Notebook
  • Bring Pen! Very important! Conjured pens are unreliable!

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Re: Diary of Joran Serentyne

Post by erwtenpeller on Sun Oct 20, 2013 9:19 am

What... What's going on...


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Re: Diary of Joran Serentyne

Post by Charlie Blazesong on Sun Oct 20, 2013 5:21 pm

What erwt said.

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Re: Diary of Joran Serentyne

Post by Swan Emperor Arenfel on Sun Oct 20, 2013 6:00 pm

Once I update the entries, it might become a little more clear! Come on now Erwt, can't you tell from the hints? Razz

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Re: Diary of Joran Serentyne

Post by Crowley on Sun Oct 20, 2013 6:29 pm

More more more


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Re: Diary of Joran Serentyne

Post by Thondalar Stormleaf on Sun Oct 20, 2013 6:35 pm

^ What he said! More!

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Re: Diary of Joran Serentyne

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