The House of Shadow.

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The House of Shadow.

Post by Littlepip on Sun Oct 13, 2013 1:46 am

The sound of seagulls in the air and the fresh smell of the ocean, these are one of the many things Thorvald remembers from his journey from Pandaria to the Eastern Kingdoms. Thor smiles to himself as he is laying down in the tent, listening to the snoring from the Freelancers. Thor glances over at Siegmund as he whines lowly as a small pup before letting out a long drawn-out sigh.
Thorvald slowly gets up and walks towards the tent opening and opens it, a cold breeze hits his face and he shivers slightly by the cold. Outside the camp is silent, no sound except the one coming from the campfire and the ocationall sound of snores coming from behind, Thor slowly walks out in his leather armor and sits down on one of the chairs and raises his hands towards the fire to heat them up.

Thorvald sneezes out loudly and looks quickly around to make sure he didn't wake up anyone, luckily everyone seems to be to busy sleeping for now.
"You should be asleep, living."
Thorvald turns around and notice a large character behind him, the man is dressed in the regular blue Saronite armor you would expect from a Death Knight, a dark and cold voice with a pinch of echo comes from the man.
"I couldn't sleep in all that ruckus, they are loud enough to wake up the dead."
The Death Knight grins under his hood which hides most of his face.
Thorvald looks down on the Tabard the Death Knight has on his chest.

"Strange that tabard seems familiar, if I remember right it used to belong to.."
Thor slowly looks up on the Death Knight almost shivering with fear.
"The House of Shadow, you are correct."
Thorvald shakes his head quickly to the sides before falling off the chair, quickly backing away from the Death Knight.
"No.. I destroyed it.. I burned it down and slayed everyone of that family!"
The Death Knight holds on to his evil grin, staring down at the pitiful human, a slight breeze can be felt coming from behind the Death Knight and a cold mist comes from his mouth as he talks.
"I remember you Thorvald, We remember you, And now that the House of Shadow has been re-established once again, were coming for you!"
The Death Knight draws his blade and quickly moves towards the Paladin, unarmed and afraid he backs away from the Death Knight.
As the Death Knight gets closer to Thorvald he passes by the once hot fire, it seems as if the very fire freezes to ice as the Death Knight passes by. Thorvald stares at the Death knight as he raises his sword and swings down his blade, cleaving the paladins skull in two.

Thorvald screams out as he wakes up in the middle of the tent filled with armed freelancers, waking everyone up grabbing for their weapons expecting an attack.

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Re: The House of Shadow.

Post by Cid on Sun Oct 13, 2013 2:03 am

That story gave me shivers. Well done!

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