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Post by Brugg on Fri Oct 11, 2013 9:27 am

Hello, fellow Defias Brotherhood roleplayers!

I am Brugh. I've been playing on Defias Brotherhood for quite some time now - but I've never really posted anything at this forum. So, I thought this would be a good time to introduce myself.

First, I'll tell you a little about me: My real name is Hermann. I'm from Norway. In my spare time, I play tennis, and of course, play this fantastic MMORPG.

I started playing WoW in early Cataclysm (I've heard many times that I missed the good times of WotLK and BC). Defias Brotherhood was my first realm, and that was where I created my first character: Allam, a human paladin. When I reached level 85 on him, I looked around for things to do. That was when I started role-playing. On Allam, I only RPed in the tavern in Old Town. It was run by the Blades for Hire back then (I don't know if it still is now), and I had a lot of fun interaction between my paladin's righteous views and the Blades' shady business. It was all random RP; I made a story about Allam, and told it to other people at the tavern. It was great, and very fun. I loved that I could just walk into the tavern in the evening, and there would always be someone there that I could RP with.

Around mid/late Cata, I took a break from WoW. I played Guild Wars 2 at its launch, but I was quite quickly bored of the lack of endgame. I returned to WoW in patch 5.1 in Mists of Pandaria. I got a friend of mine who also played WoW to give me a Scroll of Ressurection; giving me a free level 80 character. I created a Dwarf Warrior by the name of Khuz. However, I didn't really like playing a dwarf, so I decided to do a faction transfer, and turn him into a tauren, named Kazuf. On Kazuf, I joined the Shatterskull Marauders. This was when I really started getting more interested in RP; guild RP was quite different from the random RP I had experienced in Cata. Now we were doing events, and there was combat, rolling, hierarchy and campaigns!

I didn't stay on the tauren for long, though, as I quite soon figured out that I would rather play an orc. So I changed Kazuf's race, to become Khuz, orc warrior. I continued RPing with the Marauders, and I really enjoyed my stay there. I loved the events, and getting to know others' characters.

Now we're getting closer to how Brugh got started. You see, I wasn't quite satisified with Khuz as a character. Additionally, I was thinking of joining the Orcs of the Red Blade instead of continuing with the Marauders. So, I changed my character again, and then I was Brugh! However, my plans about joining the Red Blade didn't last for long, as the Rebellion against Hellscream started at about this time. This also meant the beginning of a certain new guild: the Blood Wolf Clan. The Clan was made out of Marauders who didn't agree with the Rebellion's views of allying with the Alliance. The timing couldn't have been better; it was only a day after I had changed my character to Brugh that I heard about the Blood Wolves.

I patched together an interesting story for Brugh, got him some proper RP gear, and then settled out to "randomly bump into" Gor'Thrak IC. The Clan had not been officially formed yet - I still remember riding to the Wolves' secret hideout: it was really just a hill by a mountain in Stonetalon. Grim was there, together with Galexan and Gor'Thrak, and I joined them. Now I'm the proud First Centurion (officer) of this fantastic guild.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my WoW experiences! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all, both IC and OOC. Once the Rebellion campaign is over, I hope to get some cross-guild RP going between the Blood Wolf Clan and other Horde guilds.

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Re: Hello!

Post by Grufftoof on Fri Oct 11, 2013 1:43 pm

Hello Brugh. I love the avatar by the way.

Welcome to the forums, and happy RPing. See ya around.

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Re: Hello!

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 11, 2013 3:03 pm

welcome! i enjoyed your story!


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Re: Hello!

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