Narkz Darkhorn - Shifting worries

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Narkz Darkhorn - Shifting worries

Post by Naomi on Mon Feb 01, 2010 5:32 am

Trying to jump back into the RP scene. I do try my best and read up on things to make then viable as much as I can. The original story has altered a bit from whehn I first did a few pieces in The Horde Watch. I'm not sure if omens (premonitions) are viable but I haven't had any problems so far, probably because I've said dreams rather than omens. Shifted the dream sequence to try and fit in with the next expansion. I'll be doing a general background at some point and need to work on it as trying to make her part of the original caravan that was with Caine when they met the Orcs.

Comments welcome Smile


Narkz woke from what has been a recurring dream, if not more like a nightmare, shaking with fear and sweat. For the past year or so it had been about the Emerald dragons and the gates to the Emerald Dream but now...

She sees the destruction of her homeland, the earth was torn apart and life diminished. She stands in the depth of the deepest crator which has formed, trying to find the life that was once there. Overcome with grief and fear...she finds the surroundings of Silvermoon.


As she walks outside into the open air she is greeted by a blonde, spiked haired, blood elf. He glances over to her for a split second, stops and blinks.

"Rare to see Tauren in this city. Have you been harressed today?"

"I haven't had any trouble today youngling, what brings you to ask this question?"

"Well, we blood elfs are meant to tolerate Tauren but not be friends. I know many who can't get along with your kind."

"I have not had any trouble for the moment, trivial matters like this do not matter to me. I have my own worries to care about than getting worked up over childish actions."

"No trouble? You're a lucky one then."



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