Trial of Spyre Stouthammer

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Trial of Spyre Stouthammer

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 30, 2013 6:18 am

Event Name: Trial of Spyre Stouthammer

Date and time: Sunday 6th, October. 21:00

Event description/plot: The individual known as 'Spyre Stouthammer' is put to trial for previous crimes as warranted by the Senate of Ironforge. High treason is the main but the prosecutor, Vesili Irondawn is most definitely to lay out further information upon the matter. Having been put away by Arkadii Irondawn and with the prosecutor being an Irondawn, the trial sure is going to be something interesting!

Requirements: Be present, if interested in jury duty then make sure to let me (Cerik) know.

Contact: Cerik

Other information:

If you are interested in causing trouble ICly, throwing tomatoes, or attempting to rescue the prisoner (a tougher one, considering it will be in the center of Ironforge) then feel free to come along! No heads up warning is required OOCly and we will roll along ICly to whatever happens IC!

It is open to the public as the trial itself will be judged by randomly selected citizens to do the condemning.

Defending Judge - Valon
Prosecutor - Vesili Irondawn
Judging - Cerik Ironforge


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Re: Trial of Spyre Stouthammer

Post by Gogol on Tue Oct 01, 2013 10:55 am

Looking forward to it already.

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