[IC-Faction-Dwarf RP] The Ironforge Guard

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[IC-Faction-Dwarf RP] The Ironforge Guard

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 30, 2013 6:04 am

Note: You don't need to be in TTH to participate. Dwarves and exceptional gnomes accepted. Credit to Gilran&Girloy  for writing.

The crowded and large city like the Mountain-Kingdom of Ironforge, requires a large unit to uphold the law and maintain the order within the city walls. This unit is known as The Ironforge Guard. They are obligated to ensure the safety of Ironforge Denizens and its visitors, by putting the troublemakers and criminals behind  bars. In times of war, they are first to face the enemy  as they stand in the first line as heavy armoured unit. Akin to their official name, on the battlefield, they are referred as the Goroths, a Dwarven word for  strong fighters.  The Ironforge Guards are recognized by their typical outfit, which consist of a shield with an Ironforge crest, a short, one handed axe, a heavy armour, and the Ironforge Tabard.  They can be seen guarding  various complexes within the City, patrolling the streets, escorting the Officials, giving directions and other duties alike!

An Ironforge Guard has many responsibilities to keep in mind, rules to follow and laws to uphold. Thus, the knowledge of the Khaz Modan law is required, therefore, every guard receives a Law handbook before they set up on their first duty. Not only the law, but the Guard should have his responsibilities in mind as well, these include various procedures and rules.

Every guard should know the following obligations and rules, that have to be fulfilled and taken into account:


1. Show that the city is heavily guarded, and doing anything against the law is futile. This is done by patrolling and stationary guarding
2. Detect illegal activities, by patrolling and stationary guarding
3. Protect and ensure safety of the civilians.

- A patrol should be of between 2 and 5 Dwarfs, never shall a dwarf patrol alone
- A patrol is to be led by at least a Sergent of the guard.
- When patrolling each dwarf shall wear a Uniform of the Guards of Ironforge, to show that you are a guard of the great city
-Before each patrol sets out, the Leader of the patrol is to inspect all the dwarfs in the patrol, to make sure all are in uniform, and ready for duty

Stationary guarding:
- The guard should hold his post until another guard comes to take his place or if received an order from a superior.
- Smoking is forbidden, but a guard shall carry an hip-flask containing any kind of Brew that can be used from time to time.

Interacting with non-Guards:
-The higher ranked guard within the group shall be the one talking and interacting with someone outside the Ironforge Guard. The rest of the guards shall await orders silent and standing still.
-When speaking with witnesses and suspects you are talking in a firm but polite matter. If there is more than one, split them up and have a guard talk to them each.

Interacting within the Guard:
-Saluting is obligatory when passing by another Guard.
-Proper respect shall be payed to the higher-ranked Guards.

- When a Suspect is arrested they are to be taken to the Ironforge Jail, where an official will Interrogate them and have them put in front of a judge.
- Only the highest ranked Guard within the group can give the order to arrest someone.

Guarding and Patrolling Special Areas:
-Royal Bank of Ironforge should be always guarded by two or more guards with heavy constitution and keener eye.
-Forlorn Cavern is considered to be a centre of crime in Ironforge so while patrolling it, extreme caution is required. The sergeant would be the lowest rank inside and the patrol shouldn't be less than 4 members. A representative from the Mountaineer Regiment should be taken with the group.

-If a guard disrespects any higher ranked Guard or any of the above rules they will be punished accordingly to their actions.
-The punishments could be extra-duties (latrine cleaning,etc), salary reduction, rank demotion or even serving some jail time.
-On extreme measures it could be applied a beard-shaving (hair-shaving on the case of female guards) or even to be removed from the Ironforge Guard.

The Ironforge Guard follows an organized chain of Command, that answers to the Senator of Law.  

The hierarchy:

- Commissar of the Ironforge Guard
A figure from the Senatorial Intelligence Agency that the guard remains corrupt free while advising the Commander on important duty. Is not above the Commander. Also ensures the political correctness of the Commanders decisions.

- Commander of the Ironforge Guard
A leading figure of the Ironforge Guard department. He answers directly to the Senator of Law.

- Captain of the Ironforge Guard
A commanding figure of the Guard regiment, that answers directly to the Commander of Ironforge Guard.

- Sargeant of the Ironforge Guard
An assisting figure in the Guard Regiment, tasked with getting the guards ready for the patrol and briefing them up with their duties.

- Ironforge Guard
A regular Guard that thrives to protect and uphold the Law in the city, or fights for his nation on the battlefield.

- Recruit
A prospecting new member of the Guard regiment, that still has to prove himself worthy.
In order to advance to the official Ironforge Guard, a recruit has to attend at least two trainings and complete the evaluation test  given to him by his superiors.

Besides the regular Infantry, the Ironforge Guard can undergo various special trainings, such as:

- Thief Catcher:
A unit specialized solely in catching thugs, a Thief Catcher is swift and more efficient when it comes to the criminal chase!

-Members will be given enchants and potions to make themselves move faster, though it is important to keep in mind that Engineering is preferred for a thief-catcher, due to the speed boosters and other gadgets alike.

- Aerial surveillance:  
A guard can endure himself on the wings of the Gryphon, instructed by the Wildhamer Gryphon Riders themselves, to monitor the city activity from the air.

- The Honor Guard:  
A regular Ironforge Guard can earn himself the privilege of being “The Honour Guard”, tasked with escorting and ensuring the safety  of high ranked Officials and Senators when they attend to important meetings.  Only the most loyal guards are eligible to earn the title of The Honor Guard.

Honor guards are exclusively for Warriors with Titan's Grip talent, that allows them to wield two-handed weapons along with the shield.

Recruit (may vary accordingly due to armory supplies)


Aerial Surveillance

Thief Catcher

Honor Guard

A Dwarf can start the recruitment process by visiting the Temple of Ironforge in order to undergo a medical examination .  If passed,  the recruit is to report to the Recruitment Officer of the Ironforge Guard  with the medical examination report .  After that, the recruit will have to pass trials given by the recruitment Officer, if passed successfully the recruit will earn himself a status of a “Recruit of the Ironfoge Guard”.

Once becoming a Recruit, a Dwarf will have to attend at least two trainings that would prepare him to what the final mission would look like. The mission will likely be “Dungeon-Mastered” by a recruiting Officer or higher ranked Ironforge Guard.  

Additional Information:
Members of the Ironforge Guard are encouraged to install Gryphonheart Items addon. A Guard's handbook is also available in-game for the addon users.

This is updated version of the Gilroy's Ironforge Guard thread!!


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Re: [IC-Faction-Dwarf RP] The Ironforge Guard

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Re: [IC-Faction-Dwarf RP] The Ironforge Guard

Post by Guest on Mon Sep 30, 2013 4:23 pm

Gnomes can be seen in various quest lines to be a part of the Khaz Modan military, so yes, any 'exceptional' gnomes. If a gnome can be a Senator then a gnome can be a guard.


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Re: [IC-Faction-Dwarf RP] The Ironforge Guard

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