Honoring the fallen, Ironforge sings.

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Honoring the fallen, Ironforge sings.

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 15, 2013 3:34 pm

Event Name: Commemorating the fallen
Date and time: 21:30, 19th of September.
Event description/plot: As the Harvest Festival goes on, a great table is laid just outside the gates of Ironforge, one that has many a spirit from the past walking throughout and around it. These fallen champions were once our friends and among us, so we shall celebrate them by drinking, singing and eating in their name! Individuals are invited to come and bring about the tale of a fallen champion from their clan or family, and to in return drink from the alehorn of the champions! An honor only bestowed upon those who stand to represent the deeds of their forefathers and brothers in arms.
Requirements: Be able to drink, and tell a good tale.
Contact: Nobody required to contact, attend at your own free will. Just outside Ironforge gates.
Other information:
Whomever sings the greatest song or tells the most interesting tale shall receive a 1,000 gold prize!


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