Brimbal Halfstone

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Brimbal Halfstone

Post by Brimbal/Mordarna on Sat Sep 14, 2013 9:50 am

Character name: Brimbal Halfstone
Alias: 'Brim'
Gender: Male
Age: 58
Race: Dwarf
Class: Shaman & Seasoned Warrior

Birth region: Twilight Highlands
Specific area/town: Thundermar
Family: Agnes Halfstone (Wife, Deceased), Kestor & Lily (Son & Daughter, Deceased)
Known friends or enemies: Veima Ruthseer, Brenda his Gryphon and Baylof Blackmoor

Description: Brimbal Halfstone, a dwarf not unlike the rest of his kin, is as every bit stout, bearded and greying as the others. Tribal tattoos run the length along his arms, back and hands, attunements that glow blue in the use of his power. Favoring to wear his armor primarily, the dwarf is rarely seen without his beloved war axe, a two handed hatchet forged from Brimbal's own mastery of the elements.

Personality: Adorably cheerful and positive, even in the face of adversity and danger Brimbal is known to crack a joke or two. Fearlessness is an unwavering trait for the dwarf, for he himself believes that a man who has nothing... has nothing left to lose.

Brimbal's Story

Brimbal Halfstone was a simple dwarf, a hard worker, loving husband and adoring father to his wife Agnes and two young children, son Kestor and his daughter Lily. A warrior and manual laborer by trade, Brimbal spent many months at war and many more down in the mines below Ironforge. All this in aide to provide for his family and put food on the table.

With his time between jobs short, Brimbal spent these precious days with his beloved family. In their home in the twilight highlands, in the village of Thundermar, the Halfstone family would often gather around Brimbal, beside the fire, to listen to his tales and adventures. He would paint them the skies and colour the landscapes and to finish, he would sing them a song, an enchanting lullaby that they favored dearly and that always helped them to sleep.

The next morning passed by like routine, Agnes and the children stood at the garden gate and waved Brimbal off, she comforted her tearful brood as their father left to earn his families keep.

Three months passed and Brimbal had barely seen daylight, he surfaced from the mines, picked up his pay and as usual eagerly set out, a four day journey home, north to the highlands. On the third day he saw it, on the rolling hills over the horizon, the thick black smoke of war rose to block the sun. Picking up the pace the dwarf flurried forth with the haste of hurricane and came to thundermar a day early... and a day late.

Flames bellowed high and the stonework crumbled, no cry or scream were heard. People lay dead in the streets, clubbed and cleaved where they had stood. In the flames and wreckage his house had burnt itself to ruin, nothing more then a smoking heap of wood and turf smouldering to ash was left before him. Grief pulled him, steeped in panic, he searched the house and turned every table and cindered bench. Not a sign of his brood could be found and in a state of utter desperation he fled to the hill above the village for a better vantage.

There in the long green grass, surrounded by the wild flowers and foliage of the lands, under a tall oak on the brow of the hill sat his family and they looked peaceful below the eves. Brimbal approached with a heart of relief, his children resting beside his wife as the wind tousled their hair and lapped at the linen of their garbs. He kneeled and spoke their names, held them close... but they did not wake. Pale and cold his family were with mortal wounds upon each, the tears stung in his eyes as the dwarf wept, holding his family close.

That day he burnt three pyres upon the hill and he lamented his wife and children, not a song made for legend but the one of which they adored, that and a picture found in the rubble, to this day, is all Brimbal has left of a world no longer living and the life he left behind.

Interesting facts:
- Believes himself to be a master of beasts and animals, whereas, if anything, this is far from the case.
- Is a keen dancer and enjoys various styles such as 'The Hoggy Hop', 'Fiddlers Knees' and 'Gnomish Disco Strut'
- Has a family portrait in his wallet that he saved from the wreckage of his village, he rarely shows this to people.
- Is extremely close to 'Brenda', a stubborn Gryphon that Brimbal rescued during his travels.
- Needs glasses to read and keeps a pair in his top pocket.
- Is a fine cook and experimental chef.
- Is naturally trained in shamanic magic and has a high spiritual awareness.

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Re: Brimbal Halfstone

Post by Iriel Silversong on Wed Sep 18, 2013 7:23 am

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