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Introductions & Information section

Post by Ledgic on Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:12 am

A simple post for those wondering what the section is for!

If you're new to the server/forum (or even if you're not?) this section is for you to say hello and introduce yourselves to the rest of the forum members. I think it's just another way for you to get to know the people you share a server and a community with.

You'll also find information in this section pertaining to the forum, and any information regarding the server as a whole. You're free to post up information threads regarding RP, guides, guild lists etc and provided they're well structured, you'll see them stickied in this section.

If there is any confusion regarding this area of the forum, do feel free to PM me/contact me in-game and we can discuss it. (My characters are in the spoiler found in my signature)


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